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Gaia Skin Naturals Review

Gaia Skin Naturals are pure, natural and organic skincare products that are formulated especially for sensitive skin. Their mission is “to provide a brand that people can trust, high quality “clean and green” products to the mainstream population through all distribution channels so it is easy to purchase, to be a part of daily bathroom routines, all without the high price tag normally associated with natural and organic products.” Gaia was created by a mom who’s 8 week old son developed eczema. She couldn’t find the gentle, non-irritating products needed to care for his skin so she created her own.

We were sent the Gaia Natural Baby “Baby Starter Kit” for review. This kit includes the following:

  • Bath & Body Wash
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Moisturizer
  • Skin Soothing Lotion
  • Massage Oil
All of these products are in a 1.7 oz. size bottle and the set comes in a convenient zip up travel pack. The Bath & Body Wash as well as the Baby Shampoo are soap and sulphate free. The Baby Moisturizer is Petrochemical free.
I am very excited about having this to take to the hospital when I have the baby in February. I don’t like the products that the hospital uses and since LA has sensitive skin and eczema, I want to be sure to use something gentle and non-irritating for our new baby. This is the perfect size to take along for a hospital trip or for a vacation. It won’t take up much room at all and it includes everything you’ll need! You can also use these convenient sized bottles in the diaper bag! I LOVE that the set includes massage oil, as most travel kits do not include this! I also love that the travel size bottles are easy to refill, the cap simply unscrews and you can refill and use forever! 🙂 I did sample these products on LA and I was comfortable in using these on his sensitive skin. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lotion! It’s not greasy feeling at all and makes your skin feel almost satiny. Refreshing! LOVE IT! The one thing I didn’t love was the scent, it’s not horrible, just not my favorite. These products do not have a great scent, however, knowing that they are gentle and non-irritating and made from natural and organic ingredients makes that smell a-ok with me! 🙂
Gaia also has a wide variety of other products available for the rest of the family! I personally would love to try the Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter and the Pregnancy Belly Oil. Besides the products for baby, Gaia also has skin care products for women and men, still using the natural and organic ingredients. Be sure to check out their full line of natural, organic skin care products!
Gaia does offer free samples on their website if you’d like to try before buying! Be sure to stop by and visit Gaia on Facebook and if you have the need for a travel size Baby Starter Kit I highly recommend this set from Gaia! It also makes a great gift for moms-to-be! 🙂

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  1. Carrie with Children says:

    This sounds like a great travel kit! It’s tough finding good travel kits with baby stuff. I love that the bottles are reuseable too.

  2. These are the types of products that I like to try. Thanks for sharing the review and letting us know they carry baby products. I will be checking it all out soon.

  3. Eco Baby Mama Drama says:

    Oh what a great idea to bring these to the hospital! I will definitely keep that in mind for our next one! I do not like anything the hospital uses either and bringing your own is a great idea!

    I like that they offer men’s shave gel, I think it is really hard to find mens natural products 🙁

    Thanks for the honest opinion about the scent as well, I would still like to try them!

  4. I always love learning about new natural beauty products, thanks! I wish they had a bubble bath- I have been looking for a safe one now that my kids are older.

  5. Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I don’t have children, but I can definetely see the value in this product. I’m always looking for products that I can use that are natural, gentle, and aren’t tested on animals.

    What I love is that these products are becoming more prevalent. My hat is off to the creator.

  6. Christy Lee says:

    My youngest has such sensitive skin that I struggle finding products that don’t break him out! I’ll have to check these out since you said your little one has similar issues! And congrats on the pending arrival!

  7. Jules from A Little Bite of Life says:

    This sounds wonderful, I wish this was around when my son was little-he had such sensitive skin!

  8. This sounds terrific. I only use natural items and haven’t found a skincare brand that I am loyal to just yet. Makeup yes, but not skincare. This could be the winner!

  9. Candace April says:

    What a great gift for a new mom & baby!

  10. Turning the Clock Back says:

    I am all about green products! SOme of the stuff they put in our kids bath stuff is scary!

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