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Fluffy Frustrations

As much as I love cloth diapering, I have to admit I am a bit fed up right now. LA has another ammonia burn on his bum. This happened what, like 3-4 months ago? And now again? GRRRRR. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Why must I have fluffy issues? I wish it were easy.

The fluffy diapers smell clean when they are washed. Some of them (our most used ones) have a VERY strong smell when I take them off of LA. I am assuming that is the ammonia smell. The last load of diaper laundry I did I left the washer lid open for the diapers to soak in Rockin Green and hot water for a few hours. After they were clean and dry I used one of those diapers and the smell seemed to be gone. I am hoping that helped. I guess I need to do that with all diapers to hopefully get any build up off. It is so frustrating when you try to use cloth because it’s better for your baby’s skin and for the environment and then you have to see that horrible ammonia burn on your poor baby. That seriously is awful. I really hope that the soak is my answer because I am back to being afraid to use cloth at night. It was so hard for me to get to the point of using cloth at night and now I am back to disposables (yes, I am ashamed to admit that). 🙁 Just had to vent about my frustrations tonight. How do you get rid of ammonia problems and keep them from coming back?

Have you had fluffy frustrations lately?

Fluffy Frustrations - Your Questions Answered
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  1. UntrainedHairMom says:

    This is interesting, I have just recently begun to use cloth diapers and did not know about this problem. I, however, only use them at night, because our disposable diapers leak, but we have had not leakage with the cloth diapers. Are there other reasons why they shouldn’t be used as night? We haven’t had any problems thus far, but we are new to this.

  2. The Little Red Plate says:

    Awwww, sorry April! 🙁 I’m going to PM you! 🙂


  3. Mummy Kim says:

    We get ammonia build up every few months. I have found that what helps the most is actually to rinse rinse rinse at the beginning of the wash before the soap cycle. We have a front loader and I’m assuming it just doesn’t get enough water through the diapers to rinse out the pee. I run 2 delicate cycles both with extra rinses and the first one with the extra soil button pushed. It works out to about 1.5 hrs of rinsing but seems to clear up the problem. I have only soaked once in almost 11 months and it helped. Sunning the diapers also seems to make a difference. As does running a few really hot rinse cycles (or wash cycles) after the soap cycle every month or so.

    As for your night diapers (which of course are the strongest smelling of all). We use a fleece liner in our night time diaper and our daughter’s skin is almost dry and totally rash free despite the very heavy wet diaper and ammonia smell.

    Good luck!!!!

  4. jodiAreed says:

    This might sound weird, but this is what I do. Get some ammonia remover from the pet store in the fish tank section. Soak your diapers (start with clean diapers) in a bucket of hot water and 4 capfulls of the ammonia remover. Soak overnight or at least 6 hours. Rinse in the washer (3-4 rinse cycles). I think added a scoop of detergent to the first rinse cycle. It keeps the ammonia away for quite a while. I repeat this at first signs of the smell returning.

  5. I keep hearing that whatever RLR is… that is what we need to use- I have been having a few issues too… guess what I am ordering?!? If you have softer water add a bit of vinegar, if you have hard water DON’T add vinegar add a bit of water softener……

  6. Green Mama says:

    Don’t give up! Run your diapers through an extra 2 washes with baking soda, about a laundry scoop full. The baking soad will help with the ammonia. Next, hang dry the diapers in the sun. This is the single best way to get rid of the smell!

    As for the rash try coconut oil!

    I hope this works for you, don’t give up!

  7. Alex and Michelle says:

    I too have had these issues. The ammonia smells were just horrible! I finally switched from RNG after hearing other moms tell me about the same issues and my diapers are so much better! I use TIDE original powder. It may not be the most environment friendly but its safe on diapers, gets them clean, smells amazing, and i know longer have to hold my breath while preparing them for their wash like i had to before

    Hope you can find your issues and resolve them quickly 🙂


  8. I’m in the same boat, just when I think I have the ammonia beat, it is back! I have an HE machine and I think the lack of water is a big part of the issue. I found that if I soak the diapers over night in the tub with Ecosprout then run them in the washer through a couple rinse cycles and hang them outside to dry that takes care of it for a couple weeks at least. I tried RLR but had no luck with it. Also I have found that the more I hang the diapers outside the longer it is before the ammonia returns.

  9. sirentattoo says:

    I have heard that using natural fibers really helps. At night I use two hemp inserts at night inside of a bumgenius pocket diaper and haven’t had an issue yet. My friend that uses a lot of natural fibers (like Grovia for example) hasn’t had any ammonia issues.

  10. What does an ammonia burn look like? My babe just turned up with two little red welps on his bum yesterday. I have no idea what is causing them, but it could be this.

  11. When I change my baby’s diapers, there is a strong ammonia smell, but we’ve not had any probs. I use RNG Funk Rock when I pre-rinse in cold, and Classic RNG (Bare Naked Babies) for the regular hot wash/cold rinse. We have a top loader, so I always have it on max water level. My understanding is the more water the better and you don’t always get enough water with a front loader. Laundry Tarts is a great detergent…we use that also…I like to switch it up sometimes. But I fine the Funk Rock really helps with the ammonia.

  12. Moonglow283 says:

    i never had any stinky problems until just now – dealing with the same thing! we just moved to a new town with TERRIBLE water! i use eco sprout, and i have been emailing the creator of the detergent and he has been helping me through everything. we are trying something now and i hope it works! before we moved with this terrible water (i have been getting rust stains on my diapers, that’s how bad it is) i never had any problems with eco sprout and love, love, love it! i tried RNG and i had stinky issues after, so i think i will stick with eco sprout.


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