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Fluffy Frustrations – Your Questions Answered

Thank you all for the comments on Fluffy Frustrations. Thank you also for the support and suggestions! Sometimes trying to do the right thing can be frustrating, but as mamas we figure it out and make it work so I am determined to make cloth diapering work. Especially with another baby on the way…I need to get this figured out NOW! 🙂 Along with some great suggestions, I did receive a few questions so I want to address each of them. Here we go…

UntrainedHairMom asked if there is a reason she shouldn’t use cloth at night?
My answer: there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t use them at night. I wish I had better luck, but I am going to figure it out and go back to using cloth at night. I did use cloth for about 7 or 8 months before we had ANY issues whatsoever. Many people use cloth day AND night and do not have problems or if they do have problems they are successfully able to get rid of them quickly. I think I am the minority. 🙂  No worries mama, if it’s working for you, keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

Becca asked what ammonia burns look like?
My answer: From what I’ve experienced, it just looks like red marks or burns. It’s not a rash, it literally just looks like a red mark. It almost looks like a burn, except it’s not raised from the skin and there is no swelling or blistering at all. LA usually gets fussy when I wipe him where the burns are so I know it has to hurt. I hope that was clear, I feel a bit confused on how to explain it.

If any of my wonderful readers have anything to add to these questions, I’d love to get your input! 🙂 Please comment below and share your knowledge!  

Thanks again for all of the support! You all are wonderful!

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  2. I use cloth around the clock! Sometimes finding the right absorbency for night takes trial and error. Wool covers are great to use at night!

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