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BabyLegs Review

I believe every woman in the cloth diapering world has heard of and loves BabyLegs! Even if you aren't a cloth diapering mama, these are some of the cutest baby accessories on the market! BabyLegs were created by a mama out of need. Her darling daughter was facing a bad diaper rash that wouldn't go away and needed some fresh air, however, she worried that her daughter would get cold. She thought of cutting the feet out of a pair of socks and … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – The Cutest Little Baby Face

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#LLN Nursing in Public

I've heard so many expectant mamas say that nursing in public frightens them. They don't know what to expect. They don't know how others will view them. They don't want others viewing them, etc. Let me start by easing your mind...nursing in public is not a scary thing! :) When I had my oldest son, he would cry every time I started to eat. So, that meant if we were in a restaurant, I would have to stop and feed him. Now, in a restaurant I would … [Read more...]

Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind #ClothDiaper Event Starts Thursday *EARLY ENTRIES*

I am very excited to be working with two of my blogging friends, Darcy from Tales from the Nursery and Mariah from Formula Mom, to bring you another cloth diaper event! Our event in June was such a success and we received some great feedback so we decided to do it again and take some of your suggestions! :) We'll be going over some more cloth diapering topics (be sure to visit all three blogs for our varying opinions) as well as hosting reviews … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

I'm going to try out a new feature - a weekly post of What's On My Mind! Some weeks I am sure it will be boring because I can just be a boring person sometimes! LOL But I thought it would be fun! This week, what's on my mind? Well, I can't say as I've been thinking about much other than mommy and baby stuff. I wonder how I am going to deal with a newborn and a 19 month old. LOL I know, I can handle it but sometimes when LA is running around … [Read more...]

#LLN Storing Breast Milk

To go along with pumping at work I want to also discuss storing breast milk. It can seem intimidating at first to make sure all of your milk is stored properly and used within the right amount of time. Here's a little guideline that I received with my Ameda breast pump: Freshly pumped breast milk can last in a refrigerator for 8 days can last in a refrigerator's freezer for 3-4 months can last in a deep freezer for 12 months can last in … [Read more...]

#LLN Pumping At Work

I am by no means a professional when it comes to advice on breastfeeding. I have breastfed two babies and that is the extent of my experience. With these posts, I am simply trying to give new moms an idea of what I have been through. :) Pumping at work isn't so bad once you get into a routine. The routine is key. You will want to talk to your employer in advance to make sure there is a place you can pump in privacy. You will probably want to make … [Read more...]

Gaia Skin Naturals Review

Gaia Skin Naturals are pure, natural and organic skincare products that are formulated especially for sensitive skin. Their mission is "to provide a brand that people can trust, high quality "clean and green" products to the mainstream population through all distribution channels so it is easy to purchase, to be a part of daily bathroom routines, all without the high price tag normally associated with natural and organic products." Gaia was … [Read more...]

#LLN My List of Breastfeeding (sorta) Must-Haves

There are VERY few items that are a MUST-HAVE for breastfeeding. There are many things that make nursing a bit easier. For my absolute MUST-HAVES list.... lactating breasts :) baby Yep, that is it. That's all you NEED to breastfeed. You may also need these items, depending on your nursing experience: nipple cream nursing pads When I was breastfeeding my first son I was a lot younger and didn't have the resources to get … [Read more...]

Stylin’ Momma/Passion Spice #LLN Sponsor Spotlight

Our next sponsor for the Let Love Nourish Breastfeeding Awareness Event is Stylin' Momma who is donating the winner's choice of a Passion Spice nursing bra and panty set!  Katy at Stylin' Momma believes that women shouldn't have to sacrifice style for function and she only sells items that she has used and believes in. I love shopping at a place where you know for sure another mom in the same situation has tried the products!  Stylin' Momma … [Read more...]

#LLN Getting Through The Beginning Pains of Nursing

I nursed my oldest son 15 years ago. I remember there being pain in the beginning, but I didn't really remember it being so bad. I gave birth to LA last July and for the first month or so I remember tremendous pain. It was like I was a first time mom again after 15 years and I didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that it hurt and it hurt BAD. Nursing and Pain As a first time mom you may not be aware of the pain that can come with … [Read more...]

Milk Diapers #LLN Sponsor Spotlight

As you all know I had plenty of milk supply issues when I was breastfeeding LA but even I needed nursing pads early on. I suggest nursing pads to every new mama because they are really something she will use until her milk supply adjusts to her baby's needs. There are plenty of disposable nursing pads available, but we don't want to contribute more to the trash problem, do we?  I am so happy that there are now reusable nursing pads on the … [Read more...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Sponsor Spotlight

One of my favorite companies when it comes to breastfeeding products is Earth Mama Angel Baby. They use the highest-quality, certified-organic or organically grown herbs and oils for their teas, bath herbs, gentle handmade soaps, salves, lotions and massage oils. Their products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Earth Mama Angel Baby has a commitment to honor the earth! They … [Read more...]

Let Love Nourish Breastfeeding Awareness Event Starts Tomorrow!

I am taking part in a breastfeeding awareness event that starts tomorrow! If you are thinking of breastfeeding or if you do breastfeed, you won't want to miss this! I will be discussing a few different breastfeeding related topics, spotlighting some wonderful companies that offer breastfeeding products and I'll be hosting a giveaway for a WONDERFUL PRIZE PACK!!!! Be sure to check back EARLY Friday morning for the post and to get your entries in! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Fluffy Frustrations – Your Questions Answered

Thank you all for the comments on Fluffy Frustrations. Thank you also for the support and suggestions! Sometimes trying to do the right thing can be frustrating, but as mamas we figure it out and make it work so I am determined to make cloth diapering work. Especially with another baby on the way...I need to get this figured out NOW! :) Along with some great suggestions, I did receive a few questions so I want to address each of them. Here we … [Read more...]

Fluffy Frustrations

As much as I love cloth diapering, I have to admit I am a bit fed up right now. LA has another ammonia burn on his bum. This happened what, like 3-4 months ago? And now again? GRRRRR. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Why must I have fluffy issues? I wish it were easy. The fluffy diapers smell clean when they are washed. Some of them (our most used ones) have a VERY strong smell when I take them off of LA. I am assuming that is the … [Read more...]

A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 is here!

A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 is finally here! It is a huge giveaway hop hosted by Jessica at My Silly Monkeys and has over 100 blogs participating with prize packages, each valued at $50 or more! Our giveaway package for A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 includes a little something for mama and daddy and a bit of something for the kiddo! Here's what the winner of Mama on a Green Mission's ABE 2.0 package will receive: A $55 gift code for Eden … [Read more...]

Better Cloth Diapers/Tiny Tush Review and #GIVEAWAY!

Have you heard of the new cloth diaper online retailer, Better Cloth Diapers? If not, you'll want to listen up! Better Cloth Diapers is owned and operated by Ina O'Connor, a retired obstetrics nurse, La Leche League Leader, childbirth educator and Lactation Consultant. This new e-retailer offers high quality, eco-friendly cloth diapers (all in one diapers, one size diapers, diaper covers), electric breast pumps and baby care products at great … [Read more...]

Lovable Labels “Back to School Pack” Review and GIVEAWAY!

Since I become more aware of being green I have become a huge fan of labels to use for things that we can re-use! Lovable Labels sent us their Back to School Pack for a review and it was perfect timing. As you know, my husband is a teacher and LA gets to stay at home with daddy in the summer. My husband is going back to work in about two weeks and LA will be returning to daycare. I love that we have new labels to use for his … [Read more...]

Eden Fantasys and Being Green? YES!

Did you know that you can be green when visiting an adult shop? As someone who is always trying to make green changes I am always on the lookout for those green items and I was surprised (yet super excited) to see some at Eden Fantasys! How incredibly cool is that? You know I have to tell you all about them!Eden Fantasys has a section on their website that they title "Sexy and Green, More Pleasure with Less Footprint". LOVE the title and this of … [Read more...]

Baby Fresh Cleanser Review and #GIVEAWAY!

Baby Fresh Cleanser is a great product that will help in making diaper changes easier! The cleanser comes in a spray bottle and will last for about three months! The intent of Baby Fresh Cleanser is to reduce the bacteria that causes odor and diaper rash and it leaves behind a protective barrier of aloe and glycerin on baby's sensitive skin to help in preventing future diaper rashes. This Baby Fresh Cleanser comes in an 8 ounce bottle and is made … [Read more...]