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Zoobies Blanket Pet Review and GIVEAWAY!

If you’ve not heard of Zoobies, you’ll want to read (“listen”) up! These are amazing toys! They are actually three products in one! They are a plush animal, a pillow and a blanket! Zoobies offers several different types of these plush animals: they have the pet blankets like we reviewed; slumber pets, which are larger sized; Blankie Babies, which are pint sized; and Storytime Pals, which include storybook characters like Curious George and Clifford! They are absolutely adorable!

Zoobies were created two brothers from a large family who knew what it was like to have to consolidate what one could bring on a road trip. They wanted to create fun, innovative and functional and what they came up with were these wonderful Zoobies! Their three “C” mission is: convertible, comfort and convenience, which I think they have more than accomplished with these plush animals.

We chose Flavio the Frog to review. What else would we chose on our “green mission”? 🙂  Actually, it wasn’t an easy choice, as they have so many cute pets! It was narrowed down between the giraffe and this frog. When they frog arrived I was very impressed. The material is incredibly soft and the blanket? It’s fleece! And to make Zoobies Eco friendly, guess what else? They are stuffed with polyester fiber fill that is made from recycled plastic bottles! Yay for Zoobies!
I was worried about taking the blanket out because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be go get back in place. Once we did take the blanket out we not only found it was super soft and perfect size for a toddler, but it was easy to get back into it’s place inside of Flavio! Cute and easy to deal with, doesn’t get any better! 🙂 Again, this is the perfect toddler sized blanket! It’s incredible for travel in the car or on a plane. Since we do go to Ohio often on road trips to visit family I know this is the blanket and pillow and toy we’ll be taking, all while only having to take ONE item!! It is absolutely perfect for travel! The blanket is easily removed by unzipping the pet. It’s all super easy to wash and care for, which is another perfect feature considering we know how messy children can be! 🙂
LA really likes Flavio. He smiled the minute we took the frog out of the box and has off and on played with him since. We still don’t use blankets for him in the crib, however, I have used this blanket many times when I am holding him on the couch and want to cover him a bit or when I am nursing him and feel it’s a bit chilly in the house. He also uses it when he’s drinking his milk from his sippy like in the above pictures. It’s worked great for all of these instances. As he gets older I am sure we will get much more use out of this blanket pet – all three aspects of it!! We’ll be taking our first road trip with Flavio in a few weeks and I already know it will be great!
Don’t you want your own Zoobie for your little one? 🙂 
Click here to find a local retailer. I was thrilled to find a retailer less than 2 miles from us and at the hospital where LA was born! I guess I didn’t even go into the gift shop when we were there but I’m so excited that they have these!
OR…you can enter to win your very own Zoobies Blanket Pet! Zoobies is very generously offering one Mama on a Green Mission reader their very own Zoobie Blanket Pet!!!  GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED AND WINNER HAS CLAIMED PRIZE. THANK YOU!

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  1. Savannah says:

    My kids have a couple of these..the dog and the moose..they’re fantastic! (please don’t count this as an entry since i’m in Canada)

  2. Ashley S - MD Mama says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  3. Thank you for the great giveaway – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

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