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The Willow Store’s Sprout Change Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!

You know that cloth diapers have been a huge part of our first year with LA, that’s why I am thrilled to bring you another cloth diaper review from The Willow Store! Their Sprout Change cloth diaper has a reversible shell! How cool is that? 🙂

We were sent the Sweet Corn shell with organic insert to review. My first thoughts upon opening the package – ADORABLE! This diaper is super cute! I love that you can use one diaper and get two different colors out of it because it’s reversible. Wonder feature that I’ve not seen in other diapers!

Now, I will admit that I had a difficult and frustrating time figuring out this diaper. Let me also say that I am far from a technical type of person. The diaper is a one size diaper that adjusts with elastic that attaches to buttons. There is one button to tighten each leg and one on each side of the top, back to adjust the waist.

These elastic pieces do easily hide back in the diaper once you’ve adjusted it. The other good news is that once you get the size right you don’t have to adjust it every time baby wears it, until of course he outgrows that size. I think the initial adjustment is the worst because it’s something new to get used to. After that it’s simple, simple, simple.

The insert doesn’t snap in and I was wondering how it would stay in place and we actually had no problems with that whatsoever! The insert is super trim, making the overall diaper trim and wonderful! The elastic straps make it adjustable and also makes the fit wonderful when you get to the adjusted size for your baby.

 You can see it fits great around the legs and no room for leaks!

The elastic also tightens to a great fit around the waist! I did have a time getting it just right so the front didn’t have an opening between LA’s belly and the diaper, but again, once the adjustment is just right, no worries about adjusting for a while! I love the insert for this diaper as well. We were sent the organic insert. It is organic cotton fleece over organic hemp/cotton fleece. It is super absorbent and we never had leaks from this diaper as trim as it was! It’s also one of the softest inserts that we own! We LOVE this insert! 🙂 I highly recommend getting the organic insert when you buy your Sprout Change!

The last thing I want to touch on is the snaps. The snaps are on the sides and there are two on each side. I love that it’s not confusing at all and there is no question of where to snap which snap. There are TWO on each side. That’s it. Simple is always best when you have a wiggly baby! 🙂

Our final thoughts: It’s a bit confusing in the beginning (probably moreso for me than anyone else because again, not a technical type person here) but overall we really like our Sprout Change diaper. It’s adorable, I love the way it fits, it’s trim, I love the reversible shell – two colors with only one purchase, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the organic insert, which is super absorbent! Thumbs up to The Willow Store on this creation!

You want one, don’t you? 😉 

Visit The Willow Store today to purchase your Sprout Change diaper! This reversible shell is very reasonably priced at just $16.95! The organic inserts are $5.75 each or $33.95 for a pack of 6!

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