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Our Breastfeeding Journey

As many of you know, our breastfeeding journey has been a struggle. Nearly the entire time I have pumped JUST enough for LA when I am working. I did occasionally have some days that allowed me to store some in the freezer, but around 6 months even that stopped. I rarely ever pumped more than I needed and some days I didn’t pump enough. I would pump every morning, whether I worked or not and that is what got us through on those days that I didn’t pump enough.

About a month and a half ago my supply dropped even more. Luckily, I have had a very flexible work schedule lately and have been home many days for him to nurse. When I do pump on those days that I do work (for about the past month) I pump three times throughout my work day and I have only been getting 3 ounces total. Yes, three ounces from all of my pumping sessions. That is not even enough for one bottle. Since I have been concerned about him not getting enough milk, I decided that I would try to mix some organic milk into his breast milk to try and start his transition because I knew my breastfeeding days were limited and I needed to make sure he would drink milk. He was about 11 months and one week when I first tried this. He refused to drink it. I tried a bottle, a sippy cup and he wanted nothing to do with either. He took one drink and cried and cried until I nursed him. I started worrying like crazy wondering what on earth we were going to do because I knew I couldn’t supply enough for him anymore. A few days later a friend suggested I have my husband give him the mixed milk. It made since that he wouldn’t take it from me since he was used to me nursing him. That night we tried it and guess what??  It worked! He took a few drinks and stopped, but then took it again after a few minutes. We found our answer.

Since then I have had no luck in increasing my supply and we’ve been giving him half and half bottles. We have less than two week til his birthday. I tried so hard to make it to the one year mark. Although he is still getting some breast milk, he’s not 100% breastfed. 🙁 It’s been a tough journey but all in all I am so happy we made it this far. What was your toughest part of breastfeeding?

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  1. Rachel R. says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to BF yet and hope to, but I know from my experience at work that it can be so hard and frustrating!

    The lactation specialists recommend an herbal supplement called Fenugreek. Sometimes it seems to work and other moms report it does not help them. That’s great that you’ve made it a year though!

  2. Savannah says:

    Wow congrats at making it 1 year! I’m nursing my 3rd baby now and hope to make it a year this time (the other two weaned about 8-10 months). Sounds like getting him to take a bottle went pretty well for you..weaning my first two took WEEKS (actually, probably longer) of them screaming when they saw me take out the bottle..didn’t matter who was trying to give it to them!

    I think the hardest part of nursing for me was the nipple pain the first 3 or so weeks, while my body got used to it.

  3. ASingleMothersJourney says:

    That’s great making it that far. I breastfed both my girls for a year and the toughest part for me was feeding them while I was out. I didn’t use bottles so it was difficult finding places to feed them when needed while I was out. My only other problem was stopping the milk flow. I hated that part but it was all worth it and I will do it again. Good luck.

  4. Forgetful Mom says:

    My biggest challenge has been that my 8 week old is nosy! With a 2yr old running around it can be difficult to keep her latched on.

  5. I breastfed my daughter before she weaned herself at about a year. My challenge was keeping up while pumping at work as well. Towards the end pumping just wasn’t as effective. With my son it has been the bottles. He is very picky about his bottles and will only take a Tommee Tippee and he won’t take it if I’m in the room.

  6. Peanut Butter says:

    The toughest part for me, was getting used to it in the beginning, and then being out and having him freak out because I didn’t know I was allowed to breast feed him anywhere. And the only part right now that is hard for me is that everyone, including my fiancé, wants me To feed the baby in the bathroom or truck or bedroom or otherwise act like it’s a shameful thing. It really annoys me!! My fiancé keeps trying to whoosh me intothe bathroom if baby gets hungry while we are at the mall.. !!

  7. Thanks for this post. I too had issues (long story) and had to pump exclusively. Then, my LO wouldn’t eat and for a long list of medical reasons (again long story) we had to switch to formula when she was just 3 months. I am so proud that you made it this long with being a working mom! That is GREAT! Congrats.

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  8. My biggest struggle was returning to work. My supply tanked but I kept at it (I pumped 3 times at work) and make lactation cookies, took pills and drank a crap load of water.

  9. Callista says:

    The important thing is that you did everything you could to breastfeed. You did great and don’t feel bad. Good work momma!

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