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Oodie Bums Cloth Diaper/Wipes Review and GIVEAWAY!

As I mentioned earlier, cloth diapers have been a huge part of our lives this past year and I am thrilled to close our Jamboree with these cloth diaper reviews. I saved one of my absolute FAVORITES for last. Oodie Bums cloth diapers are diapers that EXCEEDED my expectations. And their cloth wipes? One word – wonderful!

All Oodie Bums diapers are handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada. Each diaper is a one of a kind design and made from beginning to end by the same person. Each diaper is a one size diaper and will fit most babies from 8-38 pounds.

We were sent this adorable Ooga Booga diaper with insert and two wipes to review. I was impressed with this diaper from the minute I took it out of the package. It is SO well sewn together. Not only that, but as I kept looking at it, every inch of this diaper is near perfect…the material, the quality, everything about it. The insert is organic cotton fleece and the wipes are the absolute best we’ve ever used. Period. Now that LOOKING at the diaper passed our test, even more important, how would it fit?

This is the front view of the diaper when on. The snaps do have the ability to overlap for skinnier babies. LA is JUST getting to the point where I can’t overlap the snaps. I can, but it’s looking pretty tight when I do so I stopped overlapping them. It’s almost like it’s an in between fit around the waist for him and I would love to try this diaper in the hook/loop because of this. You all know we are not snap fans normally, but I honestly love this diaper so much that the snaps don’t bother me. They seems rather simple on this one, not confusing at all. I would just love it in a hook/loop closure because #1 I LOVE hoop/loop and #2 I think the fit around his waist MAY be a bit better although this honestly wasn’t BAD at all. I think it just all goes back to my preference of hook/loop over snaps. 🙂

The back side has an incredible fit as well. There was no “sagging” at all and didn’t look to be too much material as some diapers look. It’s nice and trim and I can’t say anything but the fact that it fit LA perfectly.
Even around the legs…no openings, perfect fit and no leaks! I didn’t see anywhere on this diaper that leaks would be able to escape and I can honestly say we never had a leak using this diaper. We have not used it for overnight as of yet, but I am confident enough in this diaper to try it. I don’t think there will be any problems when we do.
Again, this is a one sized pocket diaper and I am truly pleased at how well this fit him. Usually one size diapers do not fit as well as a fitted, sized diaper would for us but this definitely did. Amazing fit. The diaper has four rise adjustments and one row of snaps at the waist closure. The insert is amazing too! It is organic material, which we are truly in love with these days and it has snaps that allow it to adjust to the right fit for your baby! You can also fold the insert for better absorption where needed. The snap adjusting insert is unlike any I have seen and we love it!
The wipes we were sent….did I say I was in love!? These are the SOFTEST wipes I have ever experienced. I WILL be ordering more of these. We were sent two organic bamboo velour wipes to review. They match the diaper and are the Ooga Booga print. Super adorable and again, super soft and we have found our new favorite cloth wipes!
Our final thoughts: I am truly in love with Oodie Bums and they have far exceeded my expectations of what they would be like. These are one of my new favorite diapers and I cannot say enough good about them. The wipes? Again, out of this world and we’ll be ordering more even though we don’t need any more cloth wipes. 🙂 The quality of this diaper is incredible and I highly recommend you get some of these! You’ll love them!
So now that you’ve read all about them, you want one some, don’t you? 😉 
Visit Oodie Bum’s Etsy store to make your purchase today. She’s stocked up the store for this event and even offered all of Mama on a Green Mission’s readers a 10% discount! Be sure to use code “blogging” at check out and you’ll get 10% off of your entire order! 

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  1. Shanan, The Book Addict says:

    The diaper cover is so cute!!

    Shanan (new follower)

  2. Thank you for the great giveaway – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  3. Could you tell me how these work? Do the have an insert that you remove each time the baby goes to the bathroom or do you change the entire diaper. I am really unfamiliar with this product;however a good friend is having a new grandchild soon and I’d like to share this info with her.

    • Hi Jan! This type of diaper is a pocket diaper and you change it each time baby goes to the bathroom. There are cloth diapers that are called all-in-twos that you can just change the insert each time baby wets and use the cover over again unless it gets soiled. My favorite cloth diapers are the all-in-ones…they’ve been easiest for us (hubby too) because their functionality is so close to that of a disposable but you don’t have to throw it out! Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for stopping by!

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