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Nubius Organics/Kleen Kanteen Sippy Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love sharing places with you to buy organic products! Today I have another place to tell you about that you are going to love! It’s Nubius Organics. This place is another GREAT find when it comes to green stores! Nubius Organics has green, healthy products for eco-friendly living. They are a web-based business located in California. Their mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues and offer eco-friendly and stylish solutions where possible. Some of the things Nubius Organics offers is: reusable totes, no waste lunch products, books, Earth-friendly jewelry, green products for your home, green gift ideas and baby and kid products! They also features reusable bottles and sippy cups for babies and adults! They have a great range of products and something for everyone! 
Nubius Organics also has a section of their site where they feature “Living Green” articles and “Lifestyle Tips for Living Green”. I found this information to be very valuable and I highly recommend you check it out. You can go to their website and click on the Living Green section. The articles include things like: “Eco Tips for Back to School Time”, “Is Bottled Water Better?” and “EPA takes on BPA”. These are just a few that I enjoyed, there are lots more so go check them out! 
Some of my favorite baby brands that I have seen at Nubius Organics include: Under the Nile, California Baby, and ImagiPLAY toys!  Speaking of toys at Nubius, they have the toy category separated by age. I love it when online stores do this to make things more simple for not only shopping for our own children, but it’s great when shopping for gifts for others. When getting birthday or holiday gifts, I want to be sure I am giving age appropriate gifts for children and I personally think this is a big plus of shopping at Nubius Organics!

We chose one of their reusable Kleen Kanteen sippy cups to review. I wanted to include summer fun products and knowing how important it is to keep our babies hydrated on hot days, I wanted to feature a sippy that would keep water cool for use on those outside adventures. We received the Kleen Kanteen 12 ounce stainless steel sippy in the “Be Green” color. Love the name, don’t you? 🙂 I love that this kanteen sippy is made of stainless steel and that the top opening is wide enough that you can fit ice into the cup to keep water or any other drink cold.
Also love the fact that the spout has three wholes so it is easier for LA to get water out with little effort. The picture below compares another sippy of LA’s that only has one drink whole opening. The Kleen Kanteen is on the right.
It is also the perfect size for our little guy’s hands and he is able to hold it and drink out of it with no problems. Another plus is that this sippy comes with TWO spouts, which is the piece you add to the sippy that baby drinks from. Finally, as any sippy for a one year old should be, it’s spill proof! YAY!
Assembly of the sippy is a bit more than your typical sippy cup, but by no means is it difficult. There are three pieces that go on top of the sippy.
The piece closest to the kanteen in the photo screws into the kanteen sippy, the other two pieces are the spout and the lid that screws on top of the sippy kanteen. Again, one more piece than most sippy cups, but very easy and worth the extra step!
Want your own Kleen Kanteen sippy for your little one? Visit Nubius Organics today to order yours! While you are there check out everything else they have, you’ll love it!

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  1. i’d love to try their water testing kit


  2. Our Banana Moments says:

    New fan following you via GFC, fb, and twitter.



  3. graceInk says:

    I’d love to try their Timolino Java Vacuum Travel Mug

    graceink at yahoo dot com

  4. Rebecca says:

    I would love to try there sunscreen since my son broke out from a sunscreen


  5. would love to try the lunch sacks!

  6. epiphanyjayne says:

    another item I would like to try out is the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Wide Insulated Bottle- Monterey Blue. epiphanyjayne@gmail.com

  7. The other item I would try are the Filtered Bottles
    kenmeiazumaga at gmail dot com

  8. Colleen M says:

    I would also like to try their Foogo Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Sippy Cup with Handles.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  9. Sunflower Joy says:

    I would also love Lifefactory Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 16 oz

    (Brooke Schwaderer)

  10. I’d love to try the baby carrier

  11. Foogo Leak-Proof Straw Bottle, Pink

  12. Yesenia says:

    I would love to try the Lifefactory Glass Bottle with silicone sleeve.
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  13. Heather says:

    I would like to try out is the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel bottle

  14. Cal's Cats-Micah Pearson says:

    I would also like to have the Maple Landmark – Shape Sorter Bench!

  15. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    Foogo Sippy Cups are also very nice.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Love a green sippy cup!!

  17. Attila & Tamara says:

    I also love the Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2-Pink

    szogediek at yahoo dot com

  18. amymccarty1985 says:

    I love the Crocodile Creek bottles! amymccarty@hotmail.com

  19. I like the Thinksport Thermal Bottles.
    tvpg at aol dot com

  20. damiesmom says:

    i would like to try the kid basix sippy

  21. I also like the envirosax bottles!
    hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  22. I would like to get the babysoy oh soy deer set

  23. I’d like to get the Blue Lotus Bamboo Bags – Set of 3 in green


  24. I like the wooden toys. In particular the ImagiPLAY Earthworms

    tevharp (at) hotmail(dot) com

  25. Julie G. says:

    i like the reusable sandwich and snack bags

  26. Cinderella10383 says:

    It still says lullaby organics but I am listing a product I would love to have from the company listed
    Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2-Blue- it reminds me of a rocketship
    Jamie Brigham
    cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

  27. I’d like the Green Toys Race Car.

    amybabya79 at yahoo.com

  28. jennifer says:

    I like the solar yellow color!

  29. Watersafe® All-In-One Test Kit

  30. Jenny H says:

    I’d love to get the foogo stainless steel sippy.

  31. ticklemetiffyyyy says:

    since its almost school time here and we are trying to convert everything to greener things I was looking at all of the things I still need for lunch packing (bags, wraps, water bottles etc)

  32. I also like the maple landmark shape sorter bench!
    stkc79 at gmail dot com

    • Would like to have some baserunning tips. Tips for satleing bases, what to look for when trying to steal 2nd and 3rd off of RHP’s and LHP’s and leads at 2nd base (deep or shallow) and why and what situation.

  33. BeautyToLove says:

    -Would love to try: KOR ONE Water Bottle – Sawgrass Green

    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    Thank You!! 🙂

  34. I’d like to also try their sunscreen

  35. I’d love the Laptop Lunch Insulated Food Jar – Black


  36. I would like the Kids Konserve Food Container – 3 Pack

  37. Melissa B. says:

    I would also like the Built NY Thirsty Tote – Soho Stripe.

  38. susansmoaks says:

    i would love to get the Blue Q Cool It Water Bottle, 600ml
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  39. I would love to have the Foogo Leak-Proof Straw Bottle, Pink


  40. I would love to get the Goodbyn Kids Lunchbox – Blue.


  41. Lifefactory Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 16 oz

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