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Mother-ease Wizard Duo Review

We were recently given the opportunity to review the new Mother-ease Wizard Duo diaper. Mother-ease Cloth Diapers has recently released their Wizard line of diapers and they have three different options in this line: the Uno, Duo and Easy Stuff diapers. The Duo is an all in two diaper that comes in two prints and five colors. 

We love all in two diapers around here because of the ease and convenience. We love that when we go out we just have to take extra inserts and maybe an extra cover depending on how long we’ll be gone. The Duo is one of those diapers that you can just snap in the insert and reuse the shell when the insert is wet. The Duo is different than any other all in two system we’ve used in that it has more snaps for the insert. There are two in the back and two in the front. I do like that the snaps are on the sides and they are “tucked” under in the back.

You can see there is a flap that covers the back where you snap the insert to the cover.

Here’s the flap over the insert after snapping it in.

It’s also great that the cover is available in four sizes and the inserts are available in three sizes so you can get a better fit for little, little ones. This is the first all in two we’ve tried that isn’t a one size diaper. I would be interested in trying the small on a newborn to see if it does fit a lot better, I am assuming it would.

The fit is great around the legs. Always an important feature when we look at which diapers are most effective in holding in the wetness. 

The fit all around was great. It does LOOK a bit bulky, but I think it looks more bulky than it really is. 

Here’s the back…it almost looks like he just has underwear on! 🙂 

There were only a few negatives of this diaper. LA has extremely sensitive skin and I wasn’t too happy to see the tag in the back of the diaper that actually touches his skin. It surprised me to see this, as I haven’t seen a tag that touches baby’s skin on a cloth diaper before. When he wore the diaper, I did notice some redness where the tag was touching, meaning it did irritate his skin. The other con that I think a lot of people will say about this diaper is the cost. The price for one cover and one insert ranges depending on size between $26.90 and $38.00. 
Mother ease cloth diapers has a lot of different diapers available. Anyone can find something they like from the selection they offer. 
Our final thoughts: we like the Duo diaper and think the two sizes are a great idea! The print is rather different than any we’ve seen and I think it’s adorable! Here is a refresher of the pros and cons we found:


  • Easy to use two-piece system
  • reusable shell
  • adorable prints
  • available in two sizes
  • Tag touches baby’s skin
  • the cost
Have you tried Mother-Ease? What are your thoughts?


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