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Check out eBeanstalk!

Today I want to bring you some information about another website. eBeanstalk.com is a GREAT site for purchasing children’s toys and gifts! As a company, they have only three rules: (1) make the kids happy, (2) make the parents, grandparents, friends and relatives happy, and (3) have fun at what they do. How great is that? It’s nice to know that a company wants to make us happy!

I love that they have a huge category list. You can find nearly anything on the list you are looking for. We are huge fans of children’s books in this house and we had no problems finding books on their category list! The one disappointment I had with the category list was the bath toys section. LA is at a point where he LOVES bath time and I was looking forward to seeing some new bath toys and there were none. The fact that the category is there though gives me hope that they will soon have some bath toys added! 🙂 They do have some awesome eco friendly toys in this category list too! Thumbs up eBeanstalk!

I also love their “Toys By Age” section. They break it down for one, two and three year old children to show toys for every quarter of the year! That is perfect when you are looking for age appropriate gifts! Within these three years a child can change so much developmentally within a few months so a gift for a 12 month old may not be the same what you would purchase for an 18 month old. I absolutely love this feature and have not seen it on other sites! We will be attending a party in September for a soon to be three year old and when you are looking for a gift for another person’s child you want to be sure to give something age appropriate. We checked out the gifts for 3 year olds section of eBeanstalk for this party. I know that this little girl who is turning three loves toys for pretend play so we checked out this section as well when searching for a gift for her. I think the item that stands out most (my favorite anyway) for this category and her age is the Disney Princess Favorite Moments Gift Set! I love that it’s only July and I have found her gift already!

eBeanstalk is really a great site for gift purchases! They make it super easy to get age appropriate gifts and easy to find the category you are looking for! You can even sign up for birthday reminders! If you are anything like me, you need this! We have a lot of kids in our family so with life happening it’s hard to remember everyone’s special day. This reminder feature is wonderful! They also have e-gift cards available so the child you are buying for can pick out their own gift! Children always love that too! The next time you are looking for a gift don’t forget about eBeanstalk!

FTC Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I will receive a gift card for my time, however, this does not have any impact on my opinions of this website.

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