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Summer Fluffin’ Day 14 Mystery Post – Our Moments and Our Stash

I cannot believe this is the last day of Summer Fluffin’. I’m sad because even though it’s been a lot of work, it’s been a lot of fun and I have truly enjoyed our event! I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! Today I just want to share some of our cloth diapering moments with you. After our moments, I’ll give you a full list of our stash complete with a photos! 🙂
One of the “WHAT?!?!?” moments: My husband picks LA up from daycare everyday and one day he got home and got him out of the car seat and he was wet. He went to change him and realized the BG AIO was on backwards AND inside out. WHAT?  Seriously?
By far my proudest moment was when my darling husband was at home with LA for Christmas break and he started using cloth! 🙂
A sad moment: A sad moment in cloth diapering for me was when LA outgrew his BG newborn AIO dipes. They are oh so itti bitti and cute.
Smile moment: Every time I go shopping and realize that diapers are not on my list! Also, we do keep sposies at home just in case and I love when there are very few to empty out of the diaper champ at the end of the week! 🙂
Funny moment: My husband never gets the poo diapers. I don’t know how that works out, but it does. One day about a month ago when LA was sick my husband was at home with him while I was at work. My husband got what he never had to deal with before. LOL He got to deal with a true blowout that went all the way up LA’s back and front! He called me and told me that it was the worst diaper he had ever seen and couldn’t believe all of that came out of our son! LOL I knew someday he’d get one like that and it was just funny hearing him talk about it and imagining him changing that diaper! HAHA!
What are some of your cloth diapering “moments”?
Here’s what is in our stash:
1 – GroVia AIO
3 – Tots Bots Easy Fits
1 – Itti Bitti Tutto
1 – Blissful Booty
4 – GroVia shells and soakers
1 – GoGreen pocket
1 – Best Bottoms shell and 3 inserts
1 – Mama Little Helper
1 – Thirsties Duo
1 – BG 4.0
1 – gDiaper
Since LA is between M and L right now in our BG AIO I still have all of them in his room. We have:
8 – BG AIO in medium
7 – BG AIO in large
The smaller diapers are packed away, but I believe we have about:
7 – newborn BG AIO
8 – BG AIO in small
2 – Monkey Doodlez in small
1 – Monkey Doodlez in medium

Top left to right: Tots Bots Easy Fit, Best Bottoms shell, GroVia shell; 2nd row: Tots Bots Easy Fit, custom made gDiaper, GroVia shell in stripes, under it the GroVia shell in orange: bottom row: Blissful Booty, Itti Bitti and our Monkey Doodlez swim diaper.

Just the far right, top to bottom since the others are in the above picture: BG 4.0, GoGreen, GroVia AIO

Top left to right: Tots Bots Easy Fit, Mama Little Helper, Thirsties Duo right below that is my stack of BG in M and the far right my BG in L (can’t see very well, see below)

My Our whole stash! I believe the only one missing is our GroVia shell in the airplanes print. I love cloth diapers! 🙂
Thank you so much for joining us for Summer Fluffin! It’s been great!
P.S – if you got this far, thanks for reading! Take an extra 5 entries into any Summer Fluffin’ giveaway you wish using “Stash 1”, “Stash 2”, etc. Happy Fluffin!

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  1. thepennywisechick says:

    It’s been awesome reading all 3 of your posts. The info has been great and being new to CDing, it has helped me SO much! =) Thanks again!


  2. Love your stash pics! I think I’m addicted to these types of pictures!

  3. Love your stash picture! I love stashes!!

  4. Attila & Tamara says:

    Thanks for a great event!

  5. erin.nicole says:

    Love your stash! That story about your husband is quite funny…I loved reading all of your moments! Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, I feel like I learned so much!

  6. I still can’t believe the daycare put it on backwards and inside out lol

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