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Recycling Day 6/18/11

The city we live in charges too much money to pick up recycling curbside so we decide to take it in ourselves for free. Last Saturday was our recycle day (yes, I forgot to post this last week! LOL) and I took a picture after we packed up the car. The crate on the far right in front is baby food we donated to a local shelter for women and children and dropped it off on the way, but the rest is what we recycled! I

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  1. S. Greiner says:

    We take it to the recycling center as well…our town doesn’t even offer it because our trash is currently “free” and our neighbors don’t want to pay to recycle?! SO frustrating…but thankfully we came up with a system. I purchase those “gift wrapping” containers (tall and clear) right after Christmas for like $4.00 each…and we just fill those and take them in…so it’s just as easy!

    Great post!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I wish we recycled. There is no pick up here but I should definitely check into where I could drop off! My little brother came to visit and he was like, “Where is your recycling?” because they are big on recycling in his house! I guess I should get with it!

  3. boyzrule says:

    We have curbside pick up every week. It is sooooooo nice!!! They sort it for us and everything. No, we don’t get any money for it, but the convenience makes everyone recycle more. That makes it worth it. Gotta look out for our precious earth!! Now if I could only get moms to CD……

  4. Ours is curbside every other week. No charge, it’s just part of garbage pick up services. (well trash is weekly.) You can get fined around here if you don’t recycle!

  5. Give Back Today says:

    We do curbside recycling. My husband used to work at a recycle center and is very knowledgeable about what we can and can’t put out there for pick up! It seems crazy to me that this is something a lot of places do! My cousin in NE JUST got recycling at their apartments a few months ago….crazy! Good Job saving and taking your goods somewhere.

  6. My sister takes our recycling to the center, otherwise I probably wouldn’t deal with the inconvenience. My last apartment had free recycling and I always used it. It was very convenient! (Can you tell I like convenience? LOL!)

  7. We have curbside recycling. In washington, where I live, our recycling container is way bigger than our trash container they give us, it’s pretty funny! 🙂 I’m your newest follower from Stalker Sunday, I would love a follow back!

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