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Summer Fluffin’ Day 11 – GoGreen Pocket Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!

I first heard of GoGreen pocket diapers on Facebook. People were going crazy over these diapers and everyone was talking about how great these diapers are. I immediately had to check out their site to see these amazing cloth diapers myself! Ok, ok...so I got to their site and immediately fell in love with the adorable prints they have, and wait a minute....did I see that they have minky diapers? All for a very low price? Wow. I had to try these … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – soleRebels Footwear Sponsor Spotlight

When I look for gifts, I look for things that are made of recycled materials and/or are environmentally friendly. I want the products I give to others to have at least one earth-friendly feature because I feel I am supporting the green world that I believe in and I am helping to spread the word about these great products by giving them to another person.  Obviously, this isn't something I ALWAYS do, but it's always my starting point when … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 10 – Stuff My Fluff: Using Pockets

Pocket diapers have their place in our house. They aren't our favorites, or even our second favorite, but there are times they work great! Pocket diapers are basically a shell that have a pocket in the front or back (most I've seen are in the back) and you can stuff inserts into them. The inserts I'm familiar with are mostly microfiber, however, I've heard about hemp and bamboo inserts as well. These are not daddy friendly in our home unless … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 9 – Monkey Doodlez Review and GIVEAWAY sponsored by Green Bebe

What kind of event would Summer Fluffin' be without a swim diaper review? :)  I recently got the opportunity to work with Green Bebe, a unique baby boutique, when they agreed to sponsor our Monkey Doodlez Snap Swim Diaper review and giveaway! Make sure you check out my sponsor spotlight to learn more about this North Aurora, Illinois cloth diaper boutique!  Prior to receiving this diaper, I had never used a swim diaper on LA. He was just born … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 9 – Sponsor Spotlight – Green Bebe

Have you ever heard of Green Bebe? If not, you'll want to listen up! (Even if you have, you can still listen up to learn more about them!) Green Bebe is a family owned "unique baby boutique" located in North Aurora, Illinois. They sell cloth diapers and accessories, as well as eco-friendly bottles and cups! They carry cloth diaper brands such as: Monkey Doodlez, Thirsties, Happy Heinys, Tiny Tush and others.   Green Bebe is owned by Kari and … [Read more...]

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

The landscaping and yard work are my husband's pride and joy. He does such a good job and I love coming home seeing how beautiful it is. This is one of my favorite spots in our yard. … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 8 – Mix & Match: fitted, prefolds & covers

Welcome to week two of Summer Fluffin'! Wow, time sure is flying and before we know it, Summer Fluffin' will be gone. :( Today we are going to discuss fitteds, prefolds and covers. To be completely honest, I have been dreading the day that I would have to write this post. I have never used prefolds. I have used a fitted a few times and the only covers I have experience with are covers like Best Bottoms and GroVia. So, as you can tell I am not an … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 7 – Blissful Booty Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am a huge fan of AIO diapers. In my opinion, cloth diapering doesn't get any better or easier!When I found out that I could review the Blissful Booty AIO cloth diaper for our Summer Fluffin' event I was really excited because of my love for AIOs! Blissful Booty is a mom owned and family run business. They wanted to offer their customers a collection of eco-friendly products so they not only sell diapers, they also have wipes solution, cloth … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – What else but cloth diapers?

This week's Green Tip Tuesday is about using cloth diapers. I thought it would be appropriate since we are in the middle of our Summer Fluffin' event! Cloth diapering is the for sure green way to diaper your baby. Cloth diapers can easily be recycled (selling them to another to use after your children are done with them), they are reusable on your own baby, your next baby, and any baby who uses them when your babies are done with them, AND … [Read more...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have always been a big fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby and I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to review their Booby Tubes. I am a breastfeeding mama, that's no secret. I breastfed my oldest son for 10 months and with LA we are going on 11 months. I love breastfeeding not only for the bond, but also for the health benefits. Earth Mama Angel Baby has some incredible products that can assist in those trying times. They have nipple butter, … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 6 – Are AIO #clothdiapers All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

When I was pregnant and a friend told me about using cloth diapers, I was very intrigued but also overwhelmed with the amount of information and the different types of diapers available. I wanted the most simple cloth diaper I could find. One that was pretty much like using a disposable, but wasn't going into the landfill. I found  fell in love with the all-in-one diaper! (simple, although our daycare managed to put one on inside out AND … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin Day 5 – Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter #clothdiaper GIVEAWAY!

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that we started out using Kawaii diapers for overnight. They worked really well for us.    Mama on a Green Mission is sponsoring a giveaway for TWO Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter diapers!! Thank you so much to my readers for continuing to come back and for leaving wonderful comments! I hope you are enjoying our Summer Fluffin Event!    What you will win: Winner will get TWO Kawaii Goodnight … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Flipflop Wines Review

As I was looking for items to review for Father's Day gift ideas, I was contacted by Flipflop Wines and asked if I wanted to review some of their wines. I thought that would be a great addition to our Father's Day gift guide here at Mama on a Green Mission. My husband and I are not really wine drinkers (or any kind of  alcoholic beverage drinkers, really) but I thought it would be nice for him to try these and for him to have a glass of wine here … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 4 – Diapering at Night

As I mentioned the other day during the out and about post, we didn't use cloth at night in the beginning. It terrified me, probably because I read too many stories about people having leak problems. After a few months of cloth diapering, I began thinking more and more about how much I didn't want those chemical filled disposable diapers on my baby, especially at night when he would be in a wet diaper for many hours. I decided we had to make the … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin Day 3 – WAHMIES Wet Bag Review and GIVEAWAY! #clothdiapers

If you saw my post yesterday about going out and about with fluff, you know it is very important to have a good wet bag to take along for outings. WAHMIES makes wet bags, pail liners, cloth wipes and even diapers! They were kind enough to send me a regular size wet bag (approximately 13" X 15") to review and another one to GIVEAWAY! Yay!! They sent a black and white print that is just too pretty! I love it! These wet bags come in a variety of … [Read more...]

Celadon Road Review and GIVEAWAY!

When I had the opportunity to do a review for Celadon Road I found it so hard to chose what type of products I wanted to review, because they have so many! They offer not only cleaning products, but also shower gels, sugar & salt scrubs, mud masks, baby bottles, toys, lovies, gift bags, reusable sandwich bags, shopping bags, and the list goes on and on! Celadon Road is a direct selling company that makes it easier to live a greener life by … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin Day 2 – Out and about with Fluff

I have to admit (shamefully) that when we first started using cloth diapers, we did not use cloth while out and about or at night. I know, terrible. Not having any prior experience with cloth, we used disposable diapers while out because we just thought it was easier. It didn't take long though for me to adjust to using cloth at home and then I'd say it was only a few months before I started using them while out. We used mostly AIO diapers … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin Fluff Stash App Review and #GIVEAWAY!

I am thrilled to be bringing you this review and giveaway! How exciting is it that we are now able to involve technology in our cloth diaper event? I was given the wonderful (and pretty exciting) opportunity to review the new Flush Stash app for the iPhone! First, I LOVE my iPhone and have become quite addicted to it! Finding cool apps is one of the things I really enjoy about it. I had looked many times in the iTunes store to find something … [Read more...]

Welcome to our Summer Fluffin #clothdiaper Event

I have been looking forward to this event for some time! Hopefully you've heard about Summer Fluffin 2011, but if you haven't, I am working with two other incredible bloggers to bring you 14 DAYS of posts and reviews/giveaways about cloth diapering! Mariah from Formula Mom, Darcy from Tales from the Nursery and I have been working together to bring you lots of great cloth diapering fun over the next two weeks! Entries will be available for … [Read more...]