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The Little Red Plate

A friend of mine, who’s advice I truly value, has started a blog that I am truly enjoying! She blogs about cooking HEALTHY foods while shopping economically! This is something that I still battle from time to time so it’s great seeing her recipes and she also breaks them down to the cost per serving so you can see that you really can eat better without spending a fortune! I just wanted to share her blog with you because I really enjoy it and I thought you might too!  Go visit her, show her some love and follow her blog for some great ideas!!

Oh, BTW, she also has a giveaway going on that ends 6/21 for a $25 gift card to your favorite grocery store!!  Who couldn’t use that right now? 🙂  Enjoy her blog and recipes!

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  1. The Little Red Plate says:

    Thank you so much April! I greatly appreciate the love! <3

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