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Happy Father’s Day To My Wonderful Husband!

I have to take a moment and recognize my amazing husband on this Father’s Day! He is an incredible daddy and I love sharing my life with him. I know our little one can’t talk and express his feelings for daddy this year so I wanted to write something to my darling husband from our little guy.

My Daddy

I hold tightly onto your finger and I can tell that you are the one who holds everything together. You are our strength and our rock! You are fun but mommy says you can be strict, that is the perfect combination for a wonderful daddy. I know I can count on you no matter what. You will never turn your back on me and you will be my friend forever. I love when you take me for walks, when you do silly things that make me smile and when you play with toys with me. I love it when you swing me around or put me in the air. Summer is here and I can’t wait to spend lots of time with you as I learn to walk and talk and run around! I can’t wait until you take me to the zoo and the park and the aquarium! A daddy has many worries and responsibilities but daddy, you handle them with such strength and no one would ever know that you worry about a thing. You take care of us in such a great way. You are wonderful in everything you do. You are my hero, my friend, my daddy. Thank you and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!   I love you daddy!

Just something short and sweet from our little guy, but from all of us, I hope you have a day that is half as incredible as you are! 🙂 We love you honey! Thank you for being such an incredible strength in our family and for being a wonderful daddy and husband!

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  1. mblackwell says:

    beautiful post im your newest “stalker” :)i also have a giveaway on my blog to check out


  2. MommyDigger.com says:

    Happy Father’s Day! Lovely post and photos 🙂


  3. jamiebartley says:

    already a follower but visiting from super stalker
    Great story. I love how you made it from your lil one to his daddy.


  4. Aw so sweet!

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