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Green Tip Tuesday – What else but cloth diapers?

This week’s Green Tip Tuesday is about using cloth diapers. I thought it would be appropriate since we are in the middle of our Summer Fluffin’ event!

Cloth diapering is the for sure green way to diaper your baby. Cloth diapers can easily be recycled (selling them to another to use after your children are done with them), they are reusable on your own baby, your next baby, and any baby who uses them when your babies are done with them, AND they reduce the amount of trash we are putting into our landfills! Can you imagine how many more diapers would be sitting there if all of us who cloth diapered switched to disposables? We are making a big impact and by spreading the word we are going to make an even bigger difference in this world! Not only are they green for the planet, they are green for your wallet (unless you develop an addiction like some of us).  😉

Ok, so you already cloth diaper? What about adding in cloth wipes? If you don’t already use cloth wipes, I challenge you to use them for one month! I am going to start myself and use only cloth wipes for an entire month (and then beyond)! Join me from June 22 – July 22 for the cloth wipes challenge!! I’m giving you plenty of time to get some cloth wipes and wipes solution or you can research making your own solution! Comment below if you are in!

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  1. My mom was green before there was a green movement. I was a cloth diaper baby. Thanks for the follow. Following you back.
    Debbie from nofiltermom.blogspot.com

  2. Tandy and Jeff says:

    I would be in on the challenge! But…we already use cloth wipes, so I’m not sure it counts! =)

  3. thepennywisechick says:

    I’m in! Just started using cloth wipes YESTERDAY! It seemed too daunting to make my own wipe solution so I bought some, but then I was curious and made my own and it was SO easy and smells great and works great too! =)

  4. krystina says:

    I think this is the push i need. I’ve been wanting too, but just not too motivated. I stil use disposables for the babysitter, so it’ll be disposable wipes with those, but for when I use cloth, it’ll be cloth wipes too. Now to make my own solution..,

  5. I’m in! You inspired me to use one today! I don’t know if I’ll get everyone in the house to do it, but I will. I even have some sort of solution I got free with a diaper order. I read a lot about people just using water with their cloth wipes.

  6. Attila & Tamara says:

    I go back and forth on the cloth wipes. I like them but somehow I just always end up back with the disposable wipes. I’m in–going to put some solution in the cloth wipes container :)!

  7. I’m in! I actually have fabric all cut and pinned to make my own cloth wipes and just haven’t gotten the chance to sew them yet(gotta figure out how to thread my machine lol). I also have all my stuff for wipe solution ready to go too! And BTW the Summer Fluffin’ event was the final push i needed to switch to cloth 🙂

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