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Green Tip Tuesday – Making Laundry Day More Green

Today’s simple Green Tip change that you can make is with your laundry! It’s super easy to switch to washing in cold water and guess what? By doing so, you will save 80% of the energy you use for laundry! Can you believe that just that one small change can make a huge difference? Not only will it help environmentally, but it will save you approximately $60 per year on your energy bill! WooHoo!!!! Saving money is great, isn’t it? Beyond that, if you line dry your laundry, you are doing even more to be green! Running a dryer in comparison to other appliances is a pretty high cost. You can save the money, the energy and you know something else? You clothes will last even longer by line drying them! (Not to mention they will smell incredible!!) What are your green tips for laundry?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I used to wash everything in cold but now with diapers and sometimes other Ricky clothes/towels I need to use warm or hot. Cold is still our primary!

    I’d line dry more if things wouldn’t get stiff – any tips there?

  2. winterbabe98 says:

    The only two things that I wash in hot water here are towels and bed linen! The rest are washed in cold water!!! Unfortunately, we have allergy issues and can’t hang clothes or other linen outside, and have to use our dryer.

  3. Lisa - the Granola Catholic says:

    @Darcy for stiff clothes on the line – add a little vinegar to the rinse, or even in the beginning of the wash. It will help remove any residue from the detergent. It is your detergent that is making the clothes stiff.

  4. Attila & Tamara says:

    We love using soap nuts–cheap and super earth friendly!

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