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The Cloth Wipes Challenge – Are You Ready?

So during Summer Fluffin’ I put out a challenge to use JUST cloth wipes from June 22 – July 22! At the time I put this challenge out there I had NEVER used cloth wipes believe it or not! 🙂 I had been wanting to make this change for some time and Summer Fluffin’ got me really thinking about it! Blissful Booty, one of the sponsors for Summer Fluffin’ sent some wipes solution, a spray bottle and some wipes with the review diaper so that made me want to use them even more. After all, I did have all of the supplies now and no excuses! I also had about 30 cloth wipes that have just been sitting in the drawer that I got when I was pregnant. I never used them. Sad, I know.

One day this week when I was at home all day with LA I decided I was going to start using cloth wipes. I was so excited about my change! I used the spray bottle from Blissful Booty and the wipes solution she sent. It was super easy, all you have to do is mix it with water and shake it up. I did find that I had to spray a lot on the wipe and it still seemed dry compared to a disposable wipes that I was used to but I am sure this one will be easily worked out. I am also getting more wipes to try when my review diaper from Oodie Bums arrives! I am super excited (she included some for a giveaway too!).

So, are you ready to being the challenge next week? I don’t know that I’ll be able to convince my darling husband to join in, but I will for sure be using only cloth wipes from June 22 – July 22! I hope you’ll join me and blog about your experience too if you have a blog! I’ll put together a linkup so we can all share our journey! Remember, small steps make big differences in our planet! 🙂

#ClothWipesChallenge Day #1
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  1. I used cloth wipes exclusively for the last year my son was in diapers. My daycare at the time (the only one I could afford) refused to cloth diaper him, so he did sposies there, but we were cloth at home. I LOVED it and cloth wipes aren’t near as hard to handle and clean as you’d think.

    Great blog! Wish I had seen this years ago!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! Following you now!

  2. Savannah says:

    I look forward to seeing how this goes for you..I like the idea of being more green, but with 3 in diapers, cloth anything is a bit daunting!

  3. graceInk says:

    I’ve been using cloth wipes since I started cloth diapering…when my son was a week old. Love them! I’ll join you in the cloth wipes challenge 🙂

  4. Alex & Michelle says:

    We just started using cloth wipes a few months ago. I can’t believe I didn’t make the change sooner! It’s so much easier when cloth diapering! No picking out nasty sposie wipes!

  5. Alex & Michelle says:

    We shared the cloth wipes challenge on our blog! Excited to be apart of this!



  6. Jeniffer says:

    I’ve been using cloth wipes with every cloth diaper my daughter uses since she was born! Love the ease…just drop them in and go! Even used them (and handwashed them) during the flats challenge. 🙂 Interested in seeing how this goes for you!

  7. Mrs.Smitty says:

    Quick tip, if your little one isn’t upset about it, it’s so much easier to spray baby’s bum and wipe/pat it dry than to try to moisten the wipe first!

    We use cloth wipes exclusively and love it!

  8. I use them part-time now. There are still some messes that I feel need some attention that a disposable wipe can give better (I don’t have any that thin!).

    I stopped spraying on the wipe and spray right onto Rissa’s bum lol

  9. if you are going to cloth diaper, it seems silly not to use cloth wipes! i have the blissful booty bottle and wipe concentrate and i love it!!! it is tempting to get out a disposable when there is a large, stinky present in the diaper though!

  10. .:karen:. says:

    So far, my 3mo DD is EBF so I don’t have the really nasty poos to attend to, but we have a bunch of cloth wipes and I prefer to use those, mainly b/c it’s just so easy to toss them in the pail with the dirty diaper rather than fish open the plastic bag hanging from her dresser drawer that we use to toss sposie wipes. Tho, that being said, I still have the spouse wipes for when we’re out and about (and I don’t fish them out of the wet bag anymore…they just get dumped in the wash and trashed after the fact). We also keep them on hand b/c my cloth stash isn’t impressive yet. I do have a pile of flannel receiving blanket squares that need the edges serged once I find access to a sewing machine. So soon I hope to use them almost exclusively (and send them to daycare too next week *sniff*)

    I’m interested to read about others using them with the more stinkier, solid poo…that whole phase is a little daunting to me right now. 😛

  11. .:karen:. says:

    Oh, and we just make our own solution for the spray bottle. Sometimes I spray it on her bottom, most times I just spray the wipe. It’s never fully saturated but that’s ok.

  12. Manager to Mom says:

    Great idea! Hopefully this converts more parents to using cloth wipes full-time. We’ve been using cloth wipes at home since our daughter was about 2 months old. We make our own wipe solution which is quite simple, but effective – here’s the recipe:

    Recently, we started using cloth wipes on the go as well! We simply pack a few wipes and the solution bottle and Bob’s your uncle. This is actually much nicer than using disposable wipes as you don’t have to pick through either dirty or clean laundry and remove the sposies. In terms of nastiness, our DD is actually pooping very solid pieces already (that’s another story) so there isn’t really any mess to write home about – just shake it off into the toilet. So much for the diaper sprayer I thought I needed so desperately when she was peanut-butter pooping during her EBF transition!

    Also, we started using folded washcloths (the thin kind) as our wipes and still use these sometimes, however I’ve won some much nicer wipes via giveaways (Two Sweet Potatoes, Charlie Banana and Itti Bitti) so we’ll be able to use these most of the time now.

    I will post your challenge on my blog, including my own updates!

  13. acandee says:

    I’ve been cloth wipe using for a long time- I’d love to try other brands especially the hemp of bamboo……. but I have what I have.
    Good advice — use the spray and spray it on the baby’s bottom and wipe it off. fold over and wipe again (sometimes I spray again when I wipe) Less solution used/wasted. Clean bottom! Took me a few tries to figure this out but it’s been perfect. GOOD LUCK! and I will be joining you- only because that is what I do anyway!

  14. We are taking the month of June to switch completely to cloth and I’ve been blogging about it too! Cloth wipes is on my to do list and there is no time like the present, right? I’ll post your challenge on my blog and be blogging about the switch as well.

  15. Forgetful Mom says:

    I am going to join you on this challenge. I have been using disposables but it seems silly when I could just throw the cloth wipes in with the dirty diapers instead.


  16. krystina says:

    I’m ready! I’ve made a dozen wipes, chamois backed–oh so soft! and i have three different home made wipes concoctions…a little nervous, but I’m ready!

  17. I would like to join in as well and will blog (I’m a newbie). Right now I am away on a trip but will start the wipe challenge as soon as I’m home. I’ve been meaning to start using cloth wipes and this is a great reason for me to start!


  18. 4given1 says:

    I love using cloth wipes. I’ve used them with my last three babies.
    I keep my dry wipes beside the tub in my bathroom. I wet them with warm water there as I need them. I use California Baby spray as needed. SO that cuts down on how much spray I use. I even make sure I have a bottle of water in the diaper bag so I can wet a wipe when we are in town.

  19. Melissa says:

    Hi! You’ve inspired me to try my own wipe solution and try to use only cloth wipes. I’ll be writing about it at http://adventureswithlittleones.blogspot.com/

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