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#ClothWipesChallenge Day #8

We are on week two of the cloth wipes challenge! It's so much easier than I thought it would be. We finally had an outing and I made sure to take some baby wash cloths and a (reusable) bottle of water in case I needed to clean LA's face, which we almost always have to do. I previously used disposable wipes for this but not anymore! I also finally changed a diaper while out and about and it's actually easier to use cloth wipes when out and about! … [Read more...]

June Wednesday Wins

The last Wednesday of every month I share what I have won from other blogs just to show you that people really do win these giveaways! I didn't have many wins this month because I've been super busy with very little time to enter giveaways, however, I had my biggest win ever and I am thrilled with the third win below - check it out! To me, that makes up for not winning a lot this month! :) Luna Organics play makeup kit (received and sent to … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – Making Laundry Day More Green

Today's simple Green Tip change that you can make is with your laundry! It's super easy to switch to washing in cold water and guess what? By doing so, you will save 80% of the energy you use for laundry! Can you believe that just that one small change can make a huge difference? Not only will it help environmentally, but it will save you approximately $60 per year on your energy bill! WooHoo!!!! Saving money is great, isn't it? Beyond that, if … [Read more...]

CouponChief.com Website Review

You all know that I love saving money! When I purchase something online I am always searching for a discount code to get things even cheaper, or a code to get free shipping as I can't stand paying for shipping costs. That's just what I do, I always check.    I was given the opportunity to review CouponChief.com and I was looking forward to checking this site out to see where I could save money. Coupon Chief is a website you can go to and get … [Read more...]

Safer Brand Organic Garden/Lawn Care Products Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have been wanting to start a garden for a very long time. There is just something comforting in knowing that the foods you are eating are coming straight from your backyard and you know for sure there aren't any pesticides on them. One big concern that I have about gardening is bugs and how to keep them off of the crops. This has actually been a fear of mine because the more I think about it, the more it grosses me out. I came across Safer … [Read more...]

Recycling Day 6/18/11

The city we live in charges too much money to pick up recycling curbside so we decide to take it in ourselves for free. Last Saturday was our recycle day (yes, I forgot to post this last week! LOL) and I took a picture after we packed up the car. The crate on the far right in front is baby food we donated to a local shelter for women and children and dropped it off on the way, but the rest is what we recycled! I … [Read more...]

#ClothWipesChallenge Day # 3

I am loving using cloth wipes! It has gone surprisingly well for us. I was worried about some things, however, it's all working out. So far anyway....still haven't used them out and about! Yesterday I didn't use them much, however, it's because I only changed one diaper. My darling husband has been such a great help lately and he just happened to change all diapers when we were home other than the one at bedtime. I did use cloth wipes when I … [Read more...]

Breaking News: soleRebels Founder Wins Award

I hope you remember the spotlight I did about soleRebels and the wonderful things their founder, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is doing. After emailing back and forth several times regarding my soleRebels review and the giveaway (that's still open, btw) I have gotten know Bethlehem and she is truly a kindhearted woman with so much drive!  She is an incredible businesswoman who started a business from literally nothing and has made it into a success! … [Read more...]

#ClothWipesChallenge Day #1

I thought it was funny last week when I posted about my first time using cloth wipes and how I felt like I had to spray lots of wipes solution on the wipe and it still felt dry. Well, the funny part was that all of you (my wonderful readers) said to spray the solution right on baby's bum. LOL  I think I was the only one who didn't know that and it didn't even cross my mind to do it like that! HAHA!!! Ok, so now that I spray the solution right on … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – One Year Ago This Week

[Read more...]

Seeking Sponsors For Our Green Birthday Jamboree #Giveaway Event!

I am getting so excited about our upcoming GREEN BIRTHDAY JAMBOREE! Our little guy will be turning one just under a month and we are celebrating big at Mama on a Green Mission! Our event will run from July 1 through 22 and so far we have 17 sponsors!! Take a look at my left sidebar for a complete list of sponsors! We've got some great companies participating! I am looking to bring my readers one review and giveaway each day so I need to get about … [Read more...]

The Little Red Plate

A friend of mine, who's advice I truly value, has started a blog that I am truly enjoying! She blogs about cooking HEALTHY foods while shopping economically! This is something that I still battle from time to time so it's great seeing her recipes and she also breaks them down to the cost per serving so you can see that you really can eat better without spending a fortune! I just wanted to share her blog with you because I really enjoy it and I … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day To My Wonderful Husband!

I have to take a moment and recognize my amazing husband on this Father's Day! He is an incredible daddy and I love sharing my life with him. I know our little one can't talk and express his feelings for daddy this year so I wanted to write something to my darling husband from our little guy. My Daddy I hold tightly onto your finger and I can tell that you are the one who holds everything together. You are our strength and our rock! You are … [Read more...]

The Cloth Wipes Challenge – Are You Ready?

So during Summer Fluffin' I put out a challenge to use JUST cloth wipes from June 22 - July 22! At the time I put this challenge out there I had NEVER used cloth wipes believe it or not! :) I had been wanting to make this change for some time and Summer Fluffin' got me really thinking about it! Blissful Booty, one of the sponsors for Summer Fluffin' sent some wipes solution, a spray bottle and some wipes with the review diaper so that made me … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Wrap Up & Extra Entries!

I know I am super late at posting this and I do apologize for everyone for that. We wanted to get some feedback on what you thought about Summer Fluffin'! I truly, truly, truly enjoyed Summer Fluffin' and I can't wait to be a part of more events like this! I love talking about my cloth diapering experiences and sharing my thoughts with converting others. LOL Also, to show my appreciation for those of you who do take your time to answer the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Our oldest darling son turned 15 last week! I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – How Green Is Your Cookout?

Green your cookout

This is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan and if you are anything like my husband and I, you love to cookout! I love it primarily because my husband is an awesome cook on the grill, but also because I get a break from cooking! :) This year I started really thinking about our cooking out and wondering if there were ways we could be more green. I'd like to share some tips on making your cookout more green! The thing I read that was … [Read more...]

PumpEase Organic Review and GIVEAWAY!

Some of you know that I work a full time job outside of being a wife, a mommy and a blogger. I went back to work when my son was six weeks old and have been pumping on every break and lunch since then. If you're figuring that out, it's been about ten months. Yes, ten very long months and although at times it's been frustrating, it's all been worth it. I was lucky enough to get a double electric breast pump covered under our insurance, but holding … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 14 Mystery Post – Our Moments and Our Stash

I cannot believe this is the last day of Summer Fluffin'. I'm sad because even though it's been a lot of work, it's been a lot of fun and I have truly enjoyed our event! I hope you've enjoyed it too! Today I just want to share some of our cloth diapering moments with you. After our moments, I'll give you a full list of our stash complete with a photos! :) One of the "WHAT?!?!?" moments: My husband picks LA up from daycare everyday and one day … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 13 – Rockin Green Review and GIVEAWAY!

One of the things that scared terrified me the most when I was making the decision on whether or not to cloth diaper LA was the laundry. At first, I was disgusted by the thought of laundering dirty diapers. That wasn't all though, I also read that you should use a special detergent for cloth diapers. Without realizing it wasn't that big of a deal, I thought, "are you serious?" The more and more I researched this the more one company kept coming … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 12 – Diapering Essentials

I hope you are enjoying our Summer Fluffin event! If you've been around, you either have an interest in cloth diapering or you already do cloth diaper. I am well aware of the fact that there is so much information available about cloth diapering that it can be overwhelming. After you've decided on which types and brands to use, then you have to look at all of the accessories that are available and ask yourself which of those are essentials? Today … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – soleRebels Footwear Review and GIVEAWAY! TWO WINNERS!

I was so excited to tell all of you about soleRebels in our sponsor spotlight yesterday. If you haven't read this post PLEASE DO! This is an incredible company that is led by an incredible woman and I am thrilled about reviewing their shoes and I am honored to share them with you! It was such a hard choice deciding which shoes to get for my husband to review. After all, this is a Father's Day event so I couldn't really get a pair for myself! … [Read more...]