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Green Tip Tuesday

Now that it’s getting warmer, don’t forget to bring along a reusable cup for drinks while being out and about! If you are a coffee person I would hope you already have a hot reusable cup, but they even make them for cold drinks now! They are GREAT and most even have a reusable straw as well! Many times a gas station or store will give you a small discount for using your own cup so don’t be afraid to ask! These cups typically cost between $7 and $10….a small price to pay for a cup you can take everywhere with you and reuse, reuse, reuse!  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Green Tip Tuesday


  1. Kristin says:


    I found you on the Snail Mom Chronicles’ current post. I am your new follower because I like your green content and I look forward to reading your ideas that you implement in your home.

    Please follow me too @ http://westvistaurbanfarmschool.blogspot.com/

    Thanks, Kristin

  2. I enjoy your blog and passed the “one lovely blog award onto you.” Here is the link to my blog post for the rules if you want to participate. I can’ wait to keep reading.



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