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Green Tip Tuesday – Recycling

One of the changes we are making this year is recycling. Terrible we didn’t previously recycle, I know. Crazy that our city charges $10 per month to get the recycle bin to put out with the trash. That makes me mad because it discourages people from recycling. I did find that we can drop off our recyclables on Saturday mornings though, which we do instead of spending the $10 per month.

Here are some things we recycle now:

Glass – all baby food jars (we use some because I don’t have the time to make all of LA’s food unfortunately), pasta jars, jelly jars, anything you can think of that is glass please recycle it! Did you know that glass will NEVER decompose? It needs to be recycled.

Cardboard – It is important to make sure that the cardboard is free of food product because it can contaminate the entire truckload and it won’t be able to be recycled at that point.

Plastic – We don’t really have a lot of plastic to recycle, but this is another one we watch for. It can be cleaner bottles, milk jugs, and condiment containers

Newspapers – We get the paper once a week, just on Sunday for the coupons. I keep them and when we get a stack we recycle them.

Paper – We get a lot of paper from mail, any papers that we printed that we no longer need, and printouts from doctor’s offices or companies with product info.

Soda cans/bottles – We live in Michigan and we actually get a .10 deposit for returning bottles and cans to be recycled. I LOVE this about Michigan and I know if encourages people to recycle just to get the money. I don’t care what reason they do it, I am just happy it’s working!!

It’s not always easy to recycle, but think about how much you can prevent from going into a landfill. You can make a big difference! We keep crates in our basement to separate the glass, plastic, paper and soda bottles. This makes it super easy for drop off day at the recycling center. Yes, it is extra time to walk to the basement instead of throwing it in the trash can, but to help the planet it is worth it. Plus, you get a bit of exercise that way! 🙂

What other items do you recycle?

Recycling Day 6/18/11


  1. Great post April! SC doesnt even offer recycling! They have a few obscure sites you can go to, but for the most part, nothing! We have to be like the least friendly recycling state!

  2. Oh wow! You have to pay? How silly 🙁 What a great way to deter people from doing it. We only have to pay if we buy another bin – first one is free. They’ve made it so easy – no more sorting! So we do cans, glass, paper, plastic – whatever we can!

  3. SAPsMaMa says:

    Recycling actually is not economical for cities, which is why if it’s not subsidized by tax money then you have to pay to recycle! Also, many recycling plants only accept certain plastics etc. so you have to check your plastic numbers, and you have to remove your bottle caps off soda bottles etc. since they’re a different kind of plastic. Cans you should take the label off and rinse them out. Many people don’t know this stuff! I work grounds and we have our own recycling center, just got a solar compactor so we’re excited to make it more affordable here!

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