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Green Living Festival

I was so excited a few weeks ago when I saw a commercial for a “Green Living Festival” that was going to be very close to us! I couldn’t wait to go! I asked some friends of ours if they wanted to go and we were just waiting for the day! Ok, well I was just waiting for the day! LOL LA was sick last week with a fever and it finally went away Friday so we were happy that we would all be able to go! Of course the weather had to not cooperate. It’s been rainy, dreary, and just not pleasant outside. My friend and I decided we weren’t going to go but we would meet for lunch later in the afternoon. I checked the weather and saw that there was like a two hour time frame of no rain right before we were to meet our friends for lunch. You know what we did!!  I told my husband we had to go!!

We arrived at the festival and it wasn’t too crowded. I am hoping know it’s because of the weather and not because people aren’t interested in going green. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more “learning” seminars going on. It was pretty much just booths and even more disappointing, not all were “green”. I did find some interesting places though and it was super neat to find more local green companies that I will be making purchases from! 🙂 I love, love, love supporting local green companies and I love finding people who have similar interests as I do! 🙂

Most of the displays were inside of tents so I didn’t get a lot of pictures, however, here are some from the festival:

They had these signs for each section: farmers, art, food, etc.
Part of the Garnier display..interesting but I need to look more into their new “green” products.

DH is going to be upset if he sees that I posted this last photo because he doesn’t like it…but I do! He’s super duper hot if you ask me! 😉 So if you are seeing it you are lucky, it may be gone soon! HAHA!

Of course when we got home after our lunch with friends and I was changing LA, I noticed a rash all over his body so we ended up going to urgent care. This was the THIRD time he saw a doctor that week and we finally got our answers about what was wrong. He has strep and roseola. Poor guy. Now I feel horrible for taking him out when I thought he was better. 🙁

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  1. Awww poor baby. They did manage to get him all fixed up though right?

    You gonna blog about the local companies? Or the sorts of companies at least? That would be interesting.

  2. Veronica Lee says:

    Poor baby! Hope he’s feeling better now.

    Yep, your hubby is HOT! But you can’t let him know I said that ‘cos you’re not supposed to post his pic. LOL!

    Have a nice day!

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