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Being green versus being frugal…

We all know my mission this year is to be more green. For the longest time I have been a coupon using, sale loving mama and I am now finding myself battling between the choice of being green or being frugal!

It’s so hard for me to pass up a sale on something that I also have a coupon for that will allow me to get it for almost free or free. The things that I can get like this are almost never green products. A recent example of this is laundry detergent. I had some coupons (manufacturers coupon and store coupons) for a brand that was on sale and I paid .99 for it! I also had these coupons for some fabric softener and got it for free! I do not use these on LA’s clothes or diapers, however, I just couldn’t pass it up and I use it on my clothes, my husband’s and our sheets, towels, etc. My laundry hasn’t gone green yet and I feel terrible about this. Another recent find was a good brand of paper plates….they were on sale for $1.97 and I had a coupon for $5 off of three so I ended up paying less than a dollar for three packs of good paper plates. That is another thing I know I should not be using. What is wrong with me and why does my coupon, deal loving self win sometimes? Do you ever find the two sides battling? Green versus frugal? Or am I the only one? LOL

And then comes the guilt after I buy them! 🙁

Here's to a new week and a new posting schedule...
Ammonia stink issues? 🙁


  1. Christina Lucas says:

    I struggle with it ALL the time…especially when it comes to groceries.

  2. I was JUST talking to DH about this. I am a total cheapskate through and through, so amazing coupon deals have been REALLY hard for me to pass up too. I had to take it to “extremes” LOL–I told my mom not to save the coupon inserts for me anymore, and I rarely look at the site I used to get my coupons from–if I do, it is only to search for the brand names of certain things on my list. I don’t follow any of the couponing/deal sites or blogs anymore.

    But there are some things I do now to save on the green products I buy–I go to the company websites to request or print coupons, and I watch ads and keep notes of prices at the different stores I go to so I know where to get things cheapest. We also watch how much of certain things we use at one time–many people use way too much shampoo/body soap/laundry detergent/dishwasher detergent. Lots of ways I save on the organic/whole foods I buy too!

    It is really hard to break old habits, especially where the pocketbook is concerned, but I try to remember that buying green/organic/natural products is an investment in my family’s health and well-being! 🙂

  3. Definitely a battle for me too but it is possible!!! A few weeks ago I got seventh generation brand dish detergent and laundry detergent on sale 60% off at the grocery store plus coupons I found or downloaded from the company website. I walked away with paying maybe $6 for 4 GREEN items. I was so proud of myself..lol.. Just like one of the other ladies stated you can download coupons off of many company sites: Stonyfield farms, Horizon, Organic Valley, Seventh Generation, Cascadian Farms etc. Every Little bit helps right : )

  4. If I could say two things I have learned from my experience, they would be:
    1. Feeling guilty isn´t productive, and
    2. Being green CAN BE just as cheap!

    If you saved so much money buying un-green detergent, feel good about putting that money towards something green that you normally wouldn´t have been able to buy!

    It´s not something you will always do, but it makes being frugal a step towards your ultimate goal of being eco-friendly.

    And with a little organization, buying green can be just as budget-friendly as non-green. The trick is getting together with others to buy in bulk directly from distributors, instead of from health food stores. It´s a crime how much health food stores rack up the prices!

    I buy in bulk with my friends and then we split the cost and the goods when they come in. It saves a ton in gas, money, time, etc. We get connected and organized using an online tool called SplitStuff (http//splitstuff.com).

    If you haven´t heard of “collaborative consumption”, check it out! It may be the greenest move you´ll ever make. 🙂

  5. Attila & Tamara says:

    This is hard for me, too, especially because I sort of became eco-friendly through my frugal-ness. A couple of things I do that are healthier for us and the environment that are also more frugal are:

    Use soap nuts on all laundry including diapers
    Make my own yogurt and kefir from organic milk
    Make my own baby food–for the most part

  6. Mrs.Smitty says:

    I struggle as well. There’s always a balance. Some things aren’t as important to me when it comes to the green and it’s worth the savings. Other things are worth the price tag. I guess it’s all a personal choice battle in the end.

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