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Ammonia stink issues? :(

So lately I’ve noticed a strong smell to some of our diapers. It is just the ones we use for overnight and they all have microfiber inserts. I am so bummed that we have gone 6+ months with no issues at all and now we have stink issues. I noticed a small rash on LA the other day too. I am scared of him getting ammonia burns so we are using sposies for overnight again for now until I can figure out the problem. I know, not the green thing to do. 🙁 I also changed my wash routine a few months back to basically all warm water because of some things I read…wondering if this is what caused the problem? grrrrrr. So bummed right now. 

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  1. Texas Type A Mom says:

    Poor guy! What temp were you washing everything in before?

  2. Jennifer says:

    What worked for us was changing to a warm rinse, hot wash and using Rockin Green Hard Rock instead of Classic. Good luck figuring it out!

  3. I had the same problem! Microfiber annoys me now and I refuse to use it at night unless I have to. Ammonia burns are awful, my daughter had them. 🙁

  4. Attila & Tamara says:

    We’ve used BabyKicks 3G diapers with extra hemp inserts underneath the BabyKicks insert with great success. Now that she’s 9 months, I’m having to add a little more absorbancy, but if you’re thinking of doing natural fibers, Babykicks might be something to try!

  5. I am having this problem. I did a strip with all my inserts as well as a hot overnight soak. My MF is great, but my hemp and bamboo still stink. I can’t get my natural fibers clean 🙁 I think it is because I have harder water in our new house. I have discontinued use of vinegar in my rinses because I read that it doesn’t mix well with hard water. But, not I am at a a loss as to how to keep using my natural fiber inserts

  6. PA LaPresti's says:

    I was having the horrid, killer morning ammonia smell too. I tried dawn & such without success. I even used Funk Rock, but the smell came back in a wk. I ended up doing a strip with RLR Laundry & things have been really good. The eye watering smell is gone. I also do a warm pre-rinse, hot wash & 3 warm rinses.

  7. Have you tried washing and then line drying in the sun? I’m not sure about microfiber but with most natural fibers the sun will help to remove smells and stains…like a natural bleach.

  8. @ Danica – I am super lucky to live in South Carolina and I get to line dry all but 2 months out of the year.

    @ PA La – what is RLR? I have seen it online, but haven’t really figured out what makes it so special.

  9. Devon Thurtle Anderson says:

    Have you tried white vinegar in your fabric softener cycle? It’s a great bacteria and stench-killer. We switched to this after me and baby got thrush, and we’ve never gone back. The doctors suggested using bleach, but the naturopath said that vinegar would be the way to go, in every load of laundry – she was right!

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