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Why I chose to use cloth diapers

When I first heard about cloth diapers I thought about those old cloth diapers that most of our parents probably used. You know the ones that people use for burp cloths these days? And I have to admit I initially thought, “YUCK!” When I was pregnant I was part of a due date club online and I became friends with one of the ladies there. She had used cloth diapers with her older child and was going to use them this time too. I asked her to send me some information on them. I read through that information and I started researching like crazy! (I’m sure I drove that friend nuts with all of my questions too!) After reading about how long it takes one diaper to decompose in the land fill I made up my mind. I had to use cloth. And that so began my desire to go green in many ways!
I think that was in February or March of last year and I didn’t have LA until July so I spent a lot of time researching the topic and all the different kinds of diapers and by the time he was born we had lots of cloth diapers! It became an addiction, and still is! LOL
My main reason for using cloth was that it takes so many years for a disposable diaper (what a name, disposable? Don’t think so!) to decompose and I just kept thinking of how many diapers are sitting there to this day since they were first made.  My other reasons for cloth diapering:
1)        I can’t stand knowing that all of the chemicals used to make sposies are on my baby’s skin! He already has sensitive skin – that is the last thing he needs!
2)      They are so cute! 😉
3)      Very cost effective (unless your addiction gets out of control! LOL). If you calculate how much money you can save using cloth diapers, you’ll be amazed! It can be thousands of dollars!
4)      They are “recyclable”! I know many mamas who sell their diapers when their little ones outgrow them!
Here is a link that has some amazing, informative facts on why to cloth diaper… Very interesting read: http://www.realdiaperassociation.org/diaperfacts.php

My darling husband did think I was nuts and he had no part of cloth diapering LA for the first few months that I was using them…but I converted him too and he uses them faithfully now!

I am so thankful for that friend who introduced me to the idea of cloth diapering! I am hooked and I will be using cloth for all of my babies! J If you are contemplating cloth, what questions do you have? How can I convert you? 😉 If you already use cloth, what was your main reason for using cloth? I want to hear your story!

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  1. You know my story, but there has been a “sad” development–Maxwell potty learned in the last couple weeks! He did it so fast I didn’t even get a chance to order some super cute Blueberry trainers either. lol I had two in cloth for 8+ months, 7 of those months DH was deployed,(we have 4 kids), and I never ONCE regretted my decision to keep them both in cloth! So glad you (and now BA) have found love for cloth too! I would have to totally revise some of my info now since cloth diapering is a constant evolution, but I hope you will not hesitate to message me if you ever just want to chat about cloth (or anything else for that matter)! And you did not drive me crazy in the least! 😉

  2. This is a great topic, April! (Just got your comment about the guest posting on my Top 7 Tips for Mom Bloggers post). If you want to, you can write about cloth diapers vs. disposable diaper for my blog. I am sure my readers would love it. But anyway, just email me ☺ I’m open for you guest writing anything that you think moms would enjoy reading.
    Talk to you soon,
    Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

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  4. At least I think you know LOL, but for anyone: When my second son was 8 months old, for three days, I put his dirty/wet disposable diapers in a plastic shopping bag. When I took that BULGING bag of diapers out to our garbage can, I was sick thinking about how many bulging bags of diapers that would be for the next 2-plus years! I told DH we were switching to cloth, visited the cloth diapering board on an online community and immediately ordered our first cloth diapers!

  5. I originally decided on cloth b/c I’m super thrifty and then it became about the disgusting chemicals and overall waste of disposables. And the smell… Ick:). Now its all about the cuteness factor and 7 months without a single diaper rash is awesome!

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  9. I considered using cloth diapers for my son after reading so much about them on blogs but he was almost 2 at the time and I wasn’t sure it would be worth cost. Now at 2-1/2 he’s potty trained!
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  11. I used sposies on my daughter (she’s almost 3 and only wears pull-ups when sleeping) but am now pregnant again and due in July. I was so intimidated with the whole baby thing the first time around I couldn’t imagine delving into the world of CDing knowing hardly anything about it. This time I intend to only CD and am going CD crazy, too! I’ve been doing a lot of research about it to school myself so I can be informed and not too scared! My husband seems less than enthusiastic about the idea but I’m sure he’ll come around.

  12. I LOVE my cloth diapers and I can’t stand the chemical smell of disposables! Especially since I became pregnant with #2, I almost threw up every time I had to change a sposie but I am fine with cloth:) If I find it that terrible to smell I can’t imagine leaving it next to my baby’s skin 24/7.

  13. erin.nicole says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I am planning on cloth diapering, and have been doing tons of research as well. I agree…it had become a bit of an addiction! I am excited to try all the different types and figure out what works best for our family. I love the idea of soft cloth up against my baby’s sensitive skin instead of hard chemicals and crinkly material. Such a way to be better to our environment too. Thanks for sharing your story!!

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  15. ambquezada says:

    hi. I’m a cloth diaper user too. I have a 1- and 3-yr-old and it saved me thousands of pesos. I’m following you through blogger.

  16. Nosilla Allison says:

    I’m using cloth diapers on my newborn and I came up with the idea to do it on my own through research…not knowing anyone else at the time who had tried it. Now I’m so excited about spreading them around because I realize that no one knows about it! CDs are my new shower gift from here on out for friends and family who have kids. If they choose not to use them, fine, but at least I wish more people recognized that there was an option!


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