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Organic now, not then…

I have been thinking a lot today about some of the differences in decisions I have made with my two boys. My oldest son is going to be 15 this year. My baby, LA is only 7 months old. Huge age difference, right? 🙂 I have only given LA organic baby food or foods I have made for him using organic foods. I have read so much about all of the pesticides on fruits and veggies and I can’t imagine giving my baby anything but organic foods. When I really think about more on this topic, I can’t help but remind myself that I didn’t feed my oldest son organic baby food. I fed him regular baby food made with fruits and veggies that had pesticides on them. I feel incredibly guilty for this. Why did I not know then what I know now and how could I have been so careless to not look into what I was feeding him? I really get upset with myself over this. Now I realize that organic only and forever is pretty much impossible. As a matter of fact, when LA starts eating what we eat he will be exposed to foods that are not organic. We do not eat EVERYTHING organic (although I would love to, it’s just not in the budget right now). I guess I just want to make sure what he eats is not harming him…now or in the future. There is no way I can change what I did with my oldest son and I know there is no way I can make it up, but how do I get rid of this guilty feeling? Has anyone else made the change – organic with your baby now but didn’t use organic with older kids? Do you feel bad about it?

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  1. There have been lots of differences between my two and they are only 18 months apart! I could write a novel about the guilt I carry about some of those things. The thing is – I loved them (and still do love them) with all my heart and did the best I could in that moment. What more could I have done?

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    You know I can’t speak to the guilt over raising children differently but I can feel the pain for sure because what we knew as a culture is far different than we knew even two years ago. Two years ago, when I was trying to get pregnant and on every medication known to man and nothing was working, I had no idea that the very chemicals I was using was forcing my oestrogen sky high.The organic lifestyle I live now helped me get my body back to where I could have kids, not the drugs which just seemed to push me farther out of whack. I am telling you this because, what you knew when your first child was born is so much different than what you know now. What you feed him at 15 will still influence his lifestyles so you can banish the guilt by simply understanding that growing in what you know about an organic lifestyle will teach your 15 year old what to one day feed his own children. In my book that is just as important! You have pretty children, both of them by the way.

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  11. Following back! I am doing a few things differently with my second, and I do occasionally struggle with the way I handled my first. Then I remind myself that he is doing very well and is a happy little 2yo!

  12. I so wish we could eat organic food but where I live it is 3 times more expensive! We just can’t afford that. But if I was rich you bet I’d spend my money on organic products:) Right now I just try to make sure that I wash everything really well. And I use all natural cleaners in my house and try not to buy packaged foods but make them myself.

  13. You do not need to beat yourself up over not feeding your older son organic foods all his life. I’m sure he is happy and healthy now and that’s what matters. It would be quite difficult to have your whole family eat only organic foods day in and day out. The best we can do is just that: do the best we can now with what we know and are capable of doing. My family certainly is not organic only eaters but I do make the conscious decision to buy some of my foods organic, especially when it comes to my daughter and my pregnant self. Each day brings new decisions and possibilities.

  14. erin.nicole says:

    I try to eat some food organic, and I plan of feeding my kids organic as much as possible. However, the cost is a major issue, and it is difficult to do everything organically. I am definitely more conscious of buying organic fruits and veggies, and when I can’t, I wash them as best I can and hope all is well. I’m sure with my children I will be much more conscious than I am with myself, but hopefully will be able to find a balance that will please us all.

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