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Seven months and counting…


My sweet LA,

I cannot even believe I am writing your seven month letter already! I know I just said that at six months, but really? Another month already? Wow.

Time is flying and you are changing and doing so many new things! You are SO close to crawling! You get up on all fours and rock back and forth and even move sometimes but you just haven’t been able to coordinate all four yet to really crawl! I know it won’t be long! You still have the MOST amazing smile with the cutest dimples! You are finally starting to laugh more and it’s the most wonderful sound! You grab absolutely everything in reach and of course it all goes straight to your mouth! 🙂 Daddy keeps asking why you put EVERYTHING in your mouth and I just keep reminding him that’s how you discover the world around you. You are eating more and more solid foods. We’ve made it through the majority of fruits and veggies and I can’t even tell you how much I love making your food! We go to Whole Foods and buy organic fruits or veggies and I make them into baby food and freeze it for you. When I don’t make it, you still eat organic jar/packaged foods. I have become obsessed with baby food and that’s the one thing I always have to look at in the stores! LOL  Crazy mama, I know! 😉 You eat well, but when you are done, you are done. You won’t open your mouth for anything when you are done eating. We haven’t really found anything you don’t like yet…I guess that’s a good thing! You love our weekly visits to see Nana and Granddad. You are always so good when we are there. Never fussy, never crying, just enjoying being with family. The only problem we’ve run into is the eczema on your poor little legs and cheeks. We’ve recently found a great natural product that seems to be taking care of it so hopefully it will be gone soon!

You are the most amazing little boy LA and I am enjoying every minute of being your mama!

I love you LA!

Welcome March!
Love our Planet this Valentine's Day!


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    I want my baby to stay that way forever- mine will be 10 months soon ;-(
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    how sweet!!! 7 months is such an awesome age!!! They become so interactive and personality starts just glowing!!! Happy 7 months!

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  18. Michelle F. says:

    What a beautiful baby. Mines will be 5 months next week and I can’t believe how time flys.

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