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So I am getting ready for my Organic/Natural baby week in March and I am putting together a little poll…

1) What organic products do you use for baby? (food, bath, clothing, etc)
2) Do you think organic is better?
3) Do you make your own baby food?
4) Do you buy organic for you also or just baby?

Thanks for your input!

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  2. Texas Type A Mom says:

    1.) My daughter’s 2 but I buy her organic milk and produce. Other than that I think the only thing I buy organic is her diaper rash cream.

    2.) Yes, I think organic is better but the price of it really makes me question whether or not to buy it sometimes.

    3.) I tried to make my own baby food with my daughter but she would not tolerate. Then, I tried to buy her organic baby food but all she wanted was Gerber.

    4.) I buy the same things organic for the rest of the family as I do for my daughter – namely milk and produce. I do make my own household cleaners though so that helps some.

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  6. SondraMama says:

    1) What organic products do you use for baby?
    i think maybe his diaper cream? CJsBUTTer. is that organic? lol. if he gets organic things. awesome. but we dont go out of our way like we should.

    2) Do you think organic is better?
    i do. now, dont ask why we havent fully switched to organic.

    3) Do you make your own baby food?
    he is only 3 months, but i WILL =]

    4) Do you buy organic for you also or just baby?
    whatevers on sale. =/

  7. 1- I use organic/natural skin care for baby, sometimes organic food but not often, no organic clothing.
    2-yes I do think organic is better but it is also a lot more expensive
    3-I made my own baby food for 90% of it. My son actually wouldn’t eat most jarred food even if it was the same thing that I made him. I only bought baby food if it was a out of season fruit or something that I couldn’t find to make or was way to expensive to buy fresh.
    4-I mostly buy organic for baby but I have started to use organic/natural lotions on myself and natural bug spray.

  8. Michelle F. says:

    My baby will start eating solid in a month and I am thinking of organic. Great to read the

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