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Seven months and counting…

 My sweet LA, I cannot even believe I am writing your seven month letter already! I know I just said that at six months, but really? Another month already? Wow. Time is flying and you are changing and doing so many new things! You are SO close to crawling! You get up on all fours and rock back and forth and even move sometimes but you just haven't been able to coordinate all four yet to really crawl! I know it won't be long! You still have the … [Read more...]

Love our Planet this Valentine’s Day!

On a day that the world celebrates love and the small things you can do to make another smile, I want to celebrate our Earth and the small things we can do to make a difference in saving our planet! J I composed this list of many small things that you might not think of, but they will make a difference….let’s get into these habits together! 1)      Don’t preheat your oven and don’t open the door when checking on your food…simply turn the oven on … [Read more...]

Moon Dog Farm Nursing Necklace Review & GIVEAWAY!

I first came across the Moon Dog Farm nursing necklaces in a search I did on Etsy. Anyone who is or has nursed an infant around 4+ months knows how easily distracted they can be. Nursing necklaces give your little one something to look at, feel, and play with while nursing. They can also be of great help to us mamas who have a baby who stays latched on and turns his head when he hears something! OUCH! J When I first looked around the Moon Dog … [Read more...]


So I am getting ready for my Organic/Natural baby week in March and I am putting together a little poll...1) What organic products do you use for baby? (food, bath, clothing, etc)2) Do you think organic is better?3) Do you make your own baby food?4) Do you buy organic for you also or just baby?Thanks for your input! … [Read more...]

How GREEN are you?

Good morning all!  When I logged into Twitter this morning I saw that Kelly Wels posted this link on "How green are you?"....so of course I immediately clicked on the link and was taken to a great site that I didn't know about. And, I took the quiz. Of course you all know that my mission is to be more green this year so I am VERY ashamed to admit I was only a level 2 out of 10! (SHHHHHH!!! - Don't tell! LOL)  But you know what? That just lets me … [Read more...]