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You have brightened my world for 6 months!

Dear LA,

I can’t even believe I am sitting here writing about you being 6 months old already! Time has gone by incredibly fast and I wish it would slow down. You entered this world on my birthday and even though the joke is that I will never have another birthday because it will be all about you from 2010 and on….I can’t imagine a better birthday from 2010 on. I was blessed with a gorgeous baby boy that I get to share a birthday with. My special day has become OUR special day and no one can take that away from us. Since the moment you entered our world, you have been an amazing baby! Early on we thought you were the most serious baby on the planet…but once you decided to smile you never turned back. Your smile can brighten the darkest room and light up a city that has lost power! There is nothing like a child’s smile to his mama! Your daddy and I couldn’t be happier that God blessed us with you and we just want to do everything we can to make sure we are the best parents and you remain the happiest baby! I can’t believe that in only 6 short months you will be turning ONE!!! 

During our Christmas celebrations it was so cute to watch you…you were just at the stage of watching and learning and when we handed you a gift you just looked at it and when we helped you tear off the paper, you liked the sound of it and wanted to discover just the paper, not what was inside! 🙂  Adorable!

So now the new year is here and you’ve turned 6 months already and we are on a mission to make this planet a better place. We are going to do all we can in our house and hope that we can inspire others to do the same. We need to make this place a great Earth since you are going to be here for a long, long time! 🙂

I love you, LA and I thank you for all of those smiles that worked wonders and brighted every second of my days!  Happy 1/2 birthday!!  (yes, one day late)


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  1. lovebeingmummy says:

    Your boys are lovely!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog

  2. MommyWantsToRead says:

    Such cuties! I just stopped by because I saw a comment you left on forum on etsy. Good luck with your blog!


  3. April. this was so sweet. PS. Love the look of the site

  4. My Fitness World says:

    Blog hopping by on Sunday. Love your blog!!!

  5. What a sweet letter! Following you from Sensational Sunday Follow. I am your newest follower. Very cute blog also!

    Amy at http://www.harvestfortomorrow.blogspot.com

  6. What a cutie! I am following you from Sensational Sunday Hop. Would love if you dropped by and checked out my blog at WV Stitcher . I love your blog, its so cute! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. imthatmommy says:

    I gave you the versatile blogger award. Check it out. Love your blog!


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