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Are you ready to save??

I have been really slacking on my blogging. I guess this is something to get used to, another responsibility, isn’t it? J I have been wanting to write about the cost savings by using the Filtrete system for over a week and I am just now getting to sit down and write it! I am a total numbers person: I am big on coupons and saving ANY way I can; sales; freebies (yes, I enter all kinds of giveaways and believe it or not I actually win occasionally!). I just love seeing the numbers when it comes to saving! Sales excite me, sales with coupons excite me even more, freebies – yup, you guessed it – they excite me the most!!  I knew we would be saving by using the Filtrete system, not only saving the bottles from the land fill, but saving money!!! I just didn’t know how much we’d be saving until I just sat here and did the numbers! Check this out:
The first year of using the Filtrete System:
Filtrete Water Station
Bottled Water
Water Station
4.98 X 52
Extra Bottles
Filter X 4

DH bought this for me for Christmas. He bought 4 extra bottles (it came with 4 so we have a total of 8 for our home) and two filters to begin with. By the end of the year though we will have invested in 4 filters total along with the water station itself and the extra bottles, totaling $109.82!! I used to buy one case of bottled water per week (sometimes more, but for the sake of this figuring I just went with one case) and spent on average $258.96 per year!!  The money savings alone totals nearly $150 per year the first year!!!!!!  And that is not even taking into account how many water bottles we are saving from the land fill!!! (it would be 1,248 bottles if we stick to only one case per week!)  Now, the second year and beyond the savings would be even greater because you wouldn’t have to buy the extra bottles or the water station itself, so each proceeding year you would only spend the money on filters, totaling $42.52 annually and saving over $200 per year compared to buying bottled water!! WOW!!!  I am lovin’ these numbers!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! It’s a great feeling saving money, and even greater knowing that we aren’t contributing even more to the landfills!!!
You have brightened my world for 6 months!
No bottled water - update!


  1. Hi Thanks for following! In your list now!

  2. Michelle F. says:

    Great chart. I love using my brita. to save money.

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