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January – I’m ready!!

So my new change for January is to implement the Filtrete water station water bottles and get rid of bottled water. I am ready – my DH and DS got my water station, an extra filter and 4 extra water bottles for me for Christmas!  Ok, yes, I have been using it already, but I need to start now in order to tell you all my experiences starting in January, right?  🙂 

January – get rid of water bottles
February – laundry changes….dryer balls, I’m finally going to tackle this one and get rid of the static!!
March – – any ideas?

Happy New Year!
Our big change in 2010


  1. How about recycling all your plastics, metals and paper? Do you have recycling bins? Are you currently separating your trash from recyclables?

  2. imthatmommy says:

    Do you compost? We used to at our last place and you would be so surprised how much you can compost. Instead of plastic bags from the grocery store, get the brown bags as they are compost friendly! I miss composting. Every time I throw an apple core out now I think back to how I could toss it into my compost bucket.

  3. Those are great ideas ladies! Melissa, it is on my list to recycle more from our trash…it will take a real effort because we will have to take things to the recycling center as our city charges to pick it up. Dumb, I know.

    Composting sounds like something I’d like to try also! I will have to look more into this! Thanks again!!

  4. Michelle F. says:

    i love my brita pitcher and it is so much cheaper

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